Who’s who: Tesla Model X vs Tank

Who’s who: Tesla Model X vs Tank


Blogging can be heavy. You need to constantly come up with original content that will interest the maximum audience. The guys from the YouTube channel Dobre Cars decided to capture the imagination of subscribers by arranging an unusual competition. His goal is to find out who is the best at tug of war – a modern electric car or an armored car.

The Tesla Model X crossover took part in the competition from electric cars, and a tank of the CVR (T) (Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked)) family was displayed on the side of the armored vehicle. The combat tracked vehicle was developed in Great Britain in 1960 and took part in many military conflicts around the world.

A deserted road was chosen as a place for the battle of two vehicles of different purposes and from different eras.

The first attempt ended in failure – almost immediately the rope could not stand. But the organizers had a steel cable in stock, so the competition continued.

The second run gave the Tesla Model X hope of victory, but it turned out that the British tank driver just decided to give in a little. Adding gas to the armored vehicle easily dragged the skidding Tesla behind it.

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