Why did Honda leave F1?

Why did Honda leave F1?


The Honda concern has decided to re-focus globally on the production of electric cars. It was because of this that the decision was made to leave the company from Formula 1, where the concern was represented as a supplier of gasoline engines.

Honda will assemble new electric models in collaboration with GM. We are probably talking about using Ultium batteries.

At the end of 2023, there will be a change of generations between the CR-V crossover and the Accord sedan. Both models will be replaced by electric cars. The publication assures us that the cars will receive batteries with a capacity of at least 60 kilowatt-hours, which guarantees their mileage on a single charge of more than 400 kilometers.

The next electric car will be the new Honda NSX. This sports car will receive an exclusively electric drive, and as a reference Honda looks not at the Tesla Roadster or Rimac C_Two, but at the Porsche Taycan. The Japanese are going to release a car that will be faster than the German one. By 2025, there will be a new NSX.

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