Why gamers car? racing simulator from MINI (video)

Why gamers car? racing simulator from MINI (video)


Brent Cheney from Utah, USA, presented his latest creation: he gave a second life to the old MINI Cooper S, turning it into a racing simulator. Strictly speaking, the car was only a body, chassis and wheels, and all the innards, including the interior and engine, Cheney got rid of to make room for the processor giant panoramic screen and gaming chair.

According to Chaney, the project he has invested more than 6.5 thousand dollars, a thousand of whom had to spend on buying the MINI Cooper S with a broken motor. He admitted that he sawed the car into several parts and then assembled it in my garage again.


In the cabin an avid gamer mounted under the panoramic stand 49-inch screen of Samsung, which in turn took the place of the windshield, OCTA core processor, as well as the steering wheel, pedals and audio system with surround sound Harman/Kardon. All the work took him about two months.

The oldest racing simulator is considered a game of Chequered Flag, which was born 34 years ago. A few years ago in the Internet appeared the video, which clearly showed the evolution of racing simulators since 1983.

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