Why in China filmed the brake pedal in Tesla?

Why in China filmed the brake pedal in Tesla?


Chinese owners of Tesla electric cars began to install special “brake” cameras in their cars. With their help, they want to avoid accusations that they made a mistake while driving if something goes wrong.

Chinese site Fast Technology has posted two images of Tesla vehicles with cameras aimed at pedals. These owners say that if they are involved in an accident with their vehicles, they will post crash videos synchronized with their brake pedal use to prove they are not at fault.

Such foresight will definitely not be superfluous: very often Tesla’s customers in China began to complain about the brakes. Suffice it to recall the last time when the disgruntled owner of Tesla Model 3 accused the American automaker of constantly failing brakes in her electric car, right at the Shanghai Auto Show.

All of this seriously damages Tesla’s reputation.

Such behavior of customers who have decided on video recording shows the degree of mistrust in the brand. This is a very unhealthy and dangerous tendency for Tesla. Especially at the largest car market in the world.

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