Why is used Tesla more expensive than the new one?

Why is used Tesla more expensive than the new one?


Tesla Model 3 has become the fastest selling car on the US secondary market. According to Electrek, sometimes American buyers are willing to pay more for used Model 3s than new ones. There are several reasons for this: Tesla’s electric cars are in high demand, and a new car is not easy to buy due to declining production amid a shortage of semiconductors. Finally, the increased interest in the used car market is due to the peculiarities of tax legislation.

According to the agency iSeecars, it took about 16 days to sell a Tesla Model 3 with a run in the United States in September, and the average price was $ 47,453. The starting price tag of the new Model 3 is $ 42,000.

The high average price is explained by the sale of expensive trim levels, however, when comparing prices for the same Tesla in the primary and secondary markets, the latter is often higher.

For example, on the Tesla website a new owner is looking for a 2019 Model 3 Long Range with a range of 14.5 thousand km for 60.7 thousand dollars. In 2019, the cost of such an electric car was $ 49.9 thousand, the surcharge for dark blue and 19-inch wheels was $ 2.5 thousand, and the Full Self-Driving autopilot added another $ 6 thousand. Thus, the total cost was equal to 58.4 thousand dollars, which is lower than the current price on the secondary market.

However, such prices do not prevent the Tesla Model 3 from leading the resale rate. Three years ago, Tesla delivered 200 thousand electric cars to the United States and lost a state tax break of $ 7.5 thousand, which reduced the cost of new electric cars for buyers. As a result, buying a new Tesla has become less profitable for Americans. In addition, due to the shortage of semiconductors, new cars were in short supply, which also contributes to the influx of buyers to the “secondary”.

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