Why James May is selling his favorite car

Why James May is selling his favorite car


Former host of British auto show Top Gear James May announced that he is selling his beloved Toyota Mirai. It turned out that Mirai cannot be used in the UK as a car for every day: there are only 11 filling stations for such cars in the whole country.

May owns a first-generation car equipped with a 153-horsepower fuel cell installation. The sedan is capable of accelerating from standstill to 96 kilometers per hour in nine seconds, and its power reserve is 480 kilometers. It takes about five minutes to fill the fuel tanks.

However, James May had difficulties with refueling – in the UK, the network of filling stations for hydrogen cars is not developed, unlike in Japan, so it was difficult to use the car every day. In a video about the upcoming sale of Mirai, May stressed that this model is the most beautiful one he has ever owned.

Last year, the second generation Toyota Mirai debuted, and sales of the model in the home market started in December. In Japan, the hydrogen car, which has moved to the new GA-L platform and has become more technologically advanced, is being sold for 7.1 million yen ($ 65,300).

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