Why reinvent the wheel? Toyota said that they took the basis of the new “Three”.

Why reinvent the wheel? Toyota said that they took the basis of the new “Three”.


Toyota has published a video on the history of the development of the new Land Cruiser 300 SUV on its YouTube channel.

From the video it became known that the Land Cruiser 300 was largely based on the Land Cruiser 80 SUV, which came out about 30 years ago, in 1990. Land Cruiser 300 chief engineer Takami Yoko said that he drove thousands of kilometers across Australia, which is famous for its rough roads, driving a Toyota Land Cruiser 200. And he was surprised that he was more tired than he thought, even when driving on asphalt.

From this fact, the Toyota team concluded that the car needs to add “asphalt” characteristics, despite the fact that in many regions “Kruzaks” do not drive on good roads.

The reference point for developers was found in the history of Toyota itself. The engineer said that the 80th series, which was introduced in 1990, had the best settings for road use in the history of the model. It was she who decided to take as a basis when fine-tuning the parameters of the Land Cruiser 300.

So, the wheelbase of an SUV of 2850 mm remained unchanged. The use of lighter materials and their more reliable joints made it possible to save about 200 kg of mass with a 20% increase in rigidity. The front axle carries only 53.5% of the load – thanks to the replacement of the V8 or V6 engine and a new ten-speed gearbox. Finally, the shock absorbers of the Land Cruiser 300 have been moved closer to the upright position for improved performance.

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