Why the name moped “Verhovina” replace with “Karpaty”

Why the name moped “Verhovina” replace with “Karpaty”


In the history of each manufacturer there are good and bad models. Today we tell about one of the most unsuccessful models of the Lviv plant (LMZ), which even had to change the brand.

1981 is the peak boyish fashion on mopeds. Already released film “the adventures of electronics”, in which Sergei Syroezhkin famously rides a moped “Verhovina”. And starting from 12 years now every self-respecting kid started to compress parents ‘ requests: “buy, Buy”. And it was at this period also saw the debut of Verkhovyna-7.

She replaced one of the most successful models of the Lviv scooter – LMZ-2.158 Verkhovyna-6, which became a bestseller. On the top-6 was the production of 2 millionth of a moped LMZ and without significant changes, it was produced from 1977 to 1981. But by the end of the pipeline life objectively needed a light restyling.


In April 1981, LMZ launches Verkhovyna-7, which was designed to support sagging demand until the transition of the plant on a completely new model LMZ-2.160, which had already been developed.

LMZ-2.159 “Verkhovyna-7” gets a new headlight, and the speedometer was made on the steering wheel. On the side of the tank disappeared silumin inscription “Verkhovyna”, which was replaced by stickers.

The main innovation was the engine of the S-62 with electronic ignition and generator increased power (45 watts). In addition, it kick-starter got the correct direction of rotation clockwise as adults bikes, not against it, as it was in the top-6.

Makiki Verkhovyna-7 was painted in bright colors and almost enrolling in sale in stores “sporting goods” – was immediately sold out. There was, however, one caveat: the price of Verkhovyna-7 was under 260 rubles, 220 rubles against the previous model. As moral consolation to buyers, however, promised a hassle-free electronic ignition, and hence theoretically had something extra.

But there was another side. Epidemic teenagers mopeds inevitably led to an increase in the number of accidents with their participation. This problem in the Soviet Union decided administratively and dramatically — ordered manufacturers to limit the maximum speed of the moped to 40 km\h.


Big disappointment for the boys it was hard to imagine. Just imagine, leaves the happy owner of a brand new Verkhovyna-7 in the yard. His bike shines, starts with poltychka thanks to the electronic ignition, he is in seventh heaven, but in the first sparring he loses everything. How? How would it survive? And yet the laughter and ridicule from the owners themselves “killed cramp”.

In addition, after a few hundred miles away at highlands-7 just crumbled gearbox. The culprit was a “raw” Siauliai engine S-62, but all the reputational risks had to carry the Lviv plant.

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LMZ-2.159 Verkhovyna-7 began to take back the flow of claims to the plant was huge. Wrote to the regional party committees and the Ministry. Inflamed grave scandal. Lviv motozavod had already in 1982 to shoot production Verkhovyna-7 and in a hurry to launch a new model — LMZ-2.160. Initially, the novelty was planning to call Verkhovyna-8. AvtoExport even managed to print posters with the name Verkhovyna-8. But the scandal with claims was such that under the Union Ministry someone said That I do not even heard of the name “highlands”. In Lviv motorcycle plant this sentence understood literally and decided away from sin to bring new brand – “Karpaty”. A novelty at first, even completed the old-fashioned motor sh-58, and then began to put the already modernized S-62m and V50.

Those who failed to take the top-7 of the complaint, had their own to upgrade their scooter. Changed sprockets, gears, and in the end the whole engine.


So find now the top-7 in the original version – a great success. But the search team AC Heritage managed to find one copy, but still in an interesting place. Check it out.

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