Why they buy Toyota: In the U.S. Toyota Tacoma pickup truck reeled 2.4 million km!

Why they buy Toyota: In the U.S. Toyota Tacoma pickup truck reeled 2.4 million km!


In the United States, there is a Toyota Tacoma frame pickup that has traveled 1.52 million miles (2.4 million kilometers) – and is still in operation!

AutoJeff Reviews YouTube channel spoke about the tenacious Toyota. The current owner of the pickup, Mike Neal, bought it new in 2007, which is 14 years ago. He is engaged in the delivery of important medical supplies – radiopharmaceuticals for tomographs. In a day, he drives an average of 800 kilometers in Virginia and North Carolina.

Tacoma has proven to be very reliable. The standard 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine (161 hp) had to be replaced at just 1.416 million kilometers. The automatic transmission has lived even more – the torque converter began to fail after 2.09 million kilometers. Instead of repairing one unit, Mike replaced the complete automatic transmission.

By the way, a pickup truck pleases the owner with a modest consumption – on average, it consumes 10-10.5 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.

Taking into account the mileage, the interior is in good condition: wear is noticeable in some places, but if everything is thoroughly washed, then the pickup will be difficult to distinguish from more recent cars that have wound a hundred or two thousand kilometers.

The odometer has long stood at 999,999 miles. Since then, Neil has been using a trip meter to track mileage.

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