Why Toyota banned the resale of the new Land Cruiser 300

Why Toyota banned the resale of the new Land Cruiser 300


The Japanese automaker explained why it took this step. The company’s comment was published by mag-x.jp.

Recall that in Japan, Toyota has banned the resale of the new Land Cruiser 300 SUV within 12 months after purchase. A special agreement is signed with clients, in which the owner of the car makes a promise not to resell it. In the event of a breach of this obligation, Toyota will withdraw from future transactions with that person or company.

Toyota explained why they took this step. A related comment was posted by mag-x.jp. “The popularity of the flagship Toyota Land Cruiser extends far beyond Japan, and we are concerned that SUVs are sent overseas immediately after purchase, in particular to countries where import restrictions are in place,” Toyota said. >

The automaker Toyota confirmed that each dealer received a sample written agreement prohibiting the resale of the purchased new Land Cruiser 300. The document is signed by the buyer, but in which case the dealership may also suffer: it may be accused of involvement in violating the law on foreign currency and foreign trade. In addition, if one distributor is caught, then the check will be carried out in relation to the entire network.

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