Why You’ll Want This Limited Edition Mercedes | AMG GTR Pro

Why You’ll Want This Limited Edition Mercedes | AMG GTR Pro


This is the most extreme road legal car in Mercedes current fleet, the limited edition AMG GTR Pro. I’m here in Germany to test it at the Hockenheimring!#amggtrpro #hockenheimringFollow me on:Music bySay it again by Brendan McCusker

what’s up guys supercar blondie here in Germany at the Hockenheimring I have flown to Germany for one day especially to drive this beast this is the GTR Pro the AMG GT our pro so the AMG GTR is already out now what I want to do is show you what the differences are between the GTR and this car the GTR pro so you may be asking yourself well how much more horsepower does it have then the GTR it doesn’t but what they have worked on is weight saving and agility and they have done so much weight saving and worked on the agility to the point that when you take this car around the Nurburgring it is 7 seconds of faster than the standard GTR that is quite a lot faster even though it doesn’t have any more horsepower so let me just take you around what has been done let’s start at the front yeah you’ve got this carbon-fiber package so you’re gonna see a lot more carbon-fiber on the body of this car with these additional flicks here on the side which are pretty cool you’ve got this here as well it’s opening the Louvre which provides more air into the wheel area this is just for design purposes this part you can see that on the GTR as well take a look at the top this is a full carbon-fiber roof there’s a part in the middle here that dips so the centre is slightly lower than the rest now you come around here and the difference here on the spoiler is it’s got this little lip that goes off at the back and you see that just here so that’s different parts here on the back in carbon-fiber so they’ve done a lot to the body here to change it the rear diffuser here as well that’s in carbon-fiber and it isn’t on the GTR so that’s how you can see if it’s a GTR Pro it’s got that little racing flag around the now color schemes right this is supposed to be cool with the green you can either add a green stripe or a gray stripe the green stripe you can only get when you get this Magnum gray color if you get any other color GTR Pro the only stripe you can get on the side is great so that’s quite a neat little thing to know it comes standard with the track package so the track package is these carbon-fiber race seats you get this roll cage here and these seat belts as well which definitely come in handy when you’re on the track now the interesting thing is you cannot get the track package in the US because it doesn’t adhere to safety regulations especially the bucket seats the race seats you just won’t get them in this car it’s also limited to 750 pieces the same as the GTR roadster both of them are limited to that number this is the interior let’s turn around that’s the key here we go it’s the key alright so just pop this down here the start button is over here ready make sure that the exhaust is open you want to hear good when we go on the track or spin this little toggle over here to track this way there we go and you’re gonna see a little racing flag here on the toggle now the cool thing is the traction control you can control over here with this hot switch to take the traction control completely off you need to press this little button down for about three seconds and you see once you’ve got the traction control off you’ve got this little dial here that you can then manually control the traction so that can go completely off you see here there’s a little off and then you can make it put it about here obviously first when you get to know the track to leave the traction control on and then you can take it off and just play with this a little bit there are a lot more manual features in in this car for example there’s no little automated button where where it controls the wheel it is just manual here so you pull their study in and down and also the chair is a manual little thing yeah go back and forth instead of like a slide button can’t put it up or down no it’s there it’s just back or forward here you’ve got the normal seatbelt right so if you’re just driving on the road you can put the normal seatbelt on I’m just gonna go for a bit of a spin and then we’ll take it on the track say it again say it again I’m gonna hit them hooking a mime track a track I’ve never been on before in a car that I’ve never driven before I’ve driven the GTR but this is a much more track focused car so you know have to see how we go the hard thing is is that first of all you need to get to know the track and you need to get to know the car and then by the time you’re just starting to feel like let’s go for it let’s push it that’s usually at the time that you need to leave the track so let’s see how I go today it’s gonna be fun this track is awesome you know why cuz that has such different corners this cars amazing doesn’t take much very very very good Oh Wow I think best track experience ever hands down that was awesome I enjoyed every second of that and this car made it even better because I didn’t have to worry at all but that was so much fun I’ve been around the track in a lot of cars and I have to say this is hands-down my best track experience in the GTR Pro it handles beautifully so I hope you enjoyed the video thank you very much for watching please give me a quick thumbs up and subscribe to my channel so much more cool stuff coming that’s it I’m out of Germany 24 hours in Germany flying back to Dubai

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