“Wild Mustang” Mach-E 1400 HP

“Wild Mustang” Mach-E 1400 HP


Crossover Mustang Mach-E 1400 will take part in the drift, and even perform in the championship NASCAR.

A division of Ford Performance and tuning company RTR Vehicles introduced a racing electric car Mustang Mach-E 1400. Created on the basis of the future crossover Mustang Mach-E, this car only slightly resembles the original serial.

The car received seven motors with total capacity of 1,400 horsepower, which is reflected in the title. Three engines are located in front and four behind. The car can be set up in such a way that he was driving exclusively on front-wheel drive, only rear-or all-wheel drive.

The body is also changed. Exterior panels replaced with plastic, and a huge rear wing generates at a speed of 161 km per hour downforce to one tonne.


The car was Nickel-magnesium-cobalt battery capacity of 56.8 per kWh, which is comparable with the capacity of the battery is Formula E. the Company did not disclose the reserve, but lighter and less powerful cars such battery is enough for 100 kilometers at race pace.

However, Ford has hinted at the possibility of fast recharging during pit stops, since the machine is provided with a separate cooling system of the batteries during charging electricity to high power.

Mustang Mach-E also boasts an effective system of recovery of electricity, the ABS system and mechanical brakes Brembo. The car is equipped with adjustable traction control system.

Ford promises very soon to put Mustang Mach E-1400 in NASCAR competition, but did not specify in what division. Also the car will be able to participate in drift competitions.

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