Will Apple’s electric car be the most reliable? The company decided to make it together with Toyota

Will Apple’s electric car be the most reliable? The company decided to make it together with Toyota


It is reported that the American IT giant has struck a deal with the Japanese company Toyota to create its electric self-driving car. The car is expected to appear in 2024.

A couple of hours ago, a publication appeared on the Web, which talks about an Apple car. This time, we are told that representatives from the tech giant are currently in Asia to meet with Toyota representatives and discuss a potential partnership. Apple’s goal is to find a reliable partner in the automotive sector and try to introduce its first production car in 2024.

Unfortunately, the details of the deal are still very few, and we do not know when and where the parties met or will meet.

One thing DigiTimes reported, which shared the news, is that the battery will likely be the focus of the meeting. From the beginning of the project, Apple’s car was designed to be fully electric.

Meanwhile, earlier it was reported that in August, Apple representatives met with representatives of SK Group and LG Electronics, and, most likely, the focus of the negotiations was also on battery technology. Other companies that Apple has contacted in the past few months include Nissan, Magna, Hyundai and others, but they have not been able to reach an agreement.

According to various sources, Apple wants to start production of its electric semi-autonomous vehicle in 2024, and it is currently focused on building the necessary supply chain. Reuters even reported that the tech company is developing a next-generation battery that will revolutionize just like the original iPhone.

There is no indication as to whether Apple wants to supply batteries from other companies until its own technology is ready, or the company is interested in outsourcing the production of its batteries.

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