Will crash if the auto market from the United States after August 22, and what to do now?

Will crash if the auto market from the United States after August 22, and what to do now?

The act No. 8487, No. 8488 on “EuroBLECH” will fully come into effect on August 22. As these documents changed the market of Ukraine and what to expect after updating to the new requirements of motorists?

Some statistics

In 2016 the market for used cars in Ukraine grew by 3.3 times. In 2017, the country imported 85,267 thousand cars. This is 118% higher than in 2016, when the volume of supply on the primary market for used vehicles was only 39 thousand. In 2018, the market does boil: only in Odessa (key port of the first arrivals of cars into the country) every day clearance has passed a minimum of 75 cars.

The most popular import cars 2013-2016 year middle price segment — $10-15 million (estimated total cost with fees, shipping and services). Among the leaders in popularity, according to AMERICA MOTORS: Volkswagen Passat, Audi Q5, Bmw 328-I, Honda Accord, Honda CR-V, Toyota Camry, Nissan Leaf, Nissan Rogue, Chrysler 200, Infiniti G25, Chevrolet Cruze.

The reason for the consumer boom

The savings on one car when compared the prices in the secondary market of Ukraine is 30-50%: it’s $5-7 thousand on a car of the middle class and $20-30 thousand on a premium car. And it is based on services and fees at the State fiscal service of Ukraine.

At the same time, the state imported cars much higher “secondary” compatriots. After all, everybody understands that the road level and auto maintenance in America in better times, and the fuel much better and “nicer”. Moreover, the U.S. is not accepted twist runs or to repair the car and Jack up the price before selling. In the tradition of the presence of one car per family member and a relatively small average mileage on each vehicle (about 20 thousand km) failure, which required a lengthy repair was for the owners only reason to send a car for sale, not to repair.

“Clean” in the official sense, of all types of cars come with a Carfax conclusion or autocom that guarantees the reliability of the vehicle. In contrast to the situation when the Ukrainian secondary market of about 11% of the cars after the accident, the Assembly of the parts of the incubators, machine-utoplenniki.

What happens in the market after the entry into force of predatory laws?

First, will dramatically change the price. If today the Volkswagen Passat 2012 model year with engine capacity of 2.5 liters of gasoline can you bring from USA including all fees for $9700 after the entry into force of the laws on “EuroBLECH” the cost of a car will make almost $13000. For reference, the same prices on b\the Germans were before the introduction of the regulations. Even considering the advantages of state of the driven car, is unlikely to be willing to spend the time and effort.

Secondly, the procedure of import of the car will become more complicated to the tenth level of hell: to bring the vehicle will be only those who in the future will ride them. Who will spend time and money on a trip to USA, search of a broker for execution, transporting a car in a European port, flight to Europe, and then self drive into Ukraine across the border?

Needless to say that after August 22, all the “lucky” ones will not have the time to make the TC will be like honey to the flies attract the traffic police for a regular check up?

If you want to — no time to think

If you are aiming to buy a used “American”, then it is worth doing right now. But how to find the right person iron horse?

The key point of car selection — understanding needs. This model and make, engine capacity and engine power, damage to, or availability of repairs after bringing car. If conditions allow you to buy a car with damage or defects after the accident, the damage assessment is best left to professionals MOTORS AMERICA.

Also important your budget. Considering the whole complex of components of imported cars from the United States, the site of AMERICA MOTORS available simple calculator customs clearance, which will allow us to calculate the finish value of the purchased machines in Ukraine with shipping, fees, and commissions of the auction.

Pay attention should be and on the future liquidity of the machine. The average motorist changes TS time 3-5 years. Therefore, to give preference to the better models and brands, which in the future will be easy to re-sell.

Cars from the USA — the only personal benefit?

The opportunity to save money on buying a reliable car for personal purposes — is not the only reason for bringing it from abroad. Up to 30% of imported cars accounted for passenger commercial vehicles for business. If every second your friend imported from abroad car, every fifth enterprise. And business significantly benefits from such investment, saving up to 15% of the company’s budget per year.

And this is an opportunity for personal income. AMERICA MOTORS offers to become a dealer and make a profit on selling cars by the interested parties. Given that the law on “EuroBLECH” ends (or will be revised?) On 22 August, we offer new partners a profitable promotional conditions of cooperation.

Please contact our specialists now for the details of cooperation!

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