Will Lancer Evolution return as an electric car?

Will Lancer Evolution return as an electric car?


It turns out that not only Mitsubishi fans, but even Mitsubishi Motors shareholders are waiting for the revival of the Lancer Evolution. However, the company’s management does not agree and hints that if this ever happens, the Evo will become an electric car.

“Developing new electric vehicles is costly and the company is still not strong enough. We closed the previous fiscal year with a big deficit, so we will first revitalize the company and then release the cars that fans are waiting for, ”said Mitsubishi Motors President Takao Kato, answering a question about the future of Lancer Evolution. According to the Japanese portal Response, the meeting of the company’s shareholders took place on June 23.

Recall that in mid-May Mitshibishi announced the revival of the Ralliart motorsport division, which from 1984 to 2010 developed cars for competitions, as well as components and accessories for the brand’s sports cars. After this news, fans of the brand have hope for a relaunch of the Evolution model.

From the words of Takao Kato it follows that one cannot count on this yet, although even under the previous head of the company – Osamu Masuko – there were rumors that the “charged” model would be built in the form of a sedan and a hatchback on the same platform as the Renault Megane RS the next generation and will be equipped with Mitsubishi’s proprietary S-AWC all-wheel drive system.

We add that the Lancer Evolution sedans were produced from 1992 to 2016. Ten generations of the model saw the light, all of them were all-wheel drive and had turbocharged engines. A farewell series of right-hand drive cars called Final Edition was released in the amount of 1000 copies.

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