Will start taking orders for Hyundai Sonata with LPG from Korea at a price of 900 UAH 259


Shopping AIS network announces the acceptance of orders for the second batch used/Hyundai Sonata 6-th and 7-th generations, imported from Korea with pre-installed LPG kit. Recall that the first batch was sold out in three days.

To pre-order and purchase the available cars 2012-2015 model years, with a two-liter gas LPG engine and automatic transmission, mileage from 130 to 210 thousand km, depending on year of manufacture, mileage, equipment retail price cleared and certified car will be only 9 490 10 990 dollars. (payment in UAH at the NBU rate on the date of the transaction). Now customers can pay a small Deposit and choose one of our vehicles.

Hyundai Sonata front – wheel drive 5-seater, 4-door sedan business class. The first model was introduced in 1985. 25 years later came the sixth generation, the redesigned version was released in 2012, a new version has been updated exterior: head optics, grille and front bumper, as well as improved equipment. In March 2014, debuted the seventh-generation Sonata, the main change which is a higher level security and manageability that was achieved through improved and strengthened body structure and undercarriage.

Hyundai Sonata differs amazing for such a large vehicle fuel efficiency. Fuel consumption is 7.9 liters in combined mode, and 6 l of fuel on the highway at 100 kilometers.* Another factor of efficiency is the ultra-low drag coefficient of 0.28. Besides, Hyundai Sonata with an automatic transmission equipped with ECO function by which fuel economy can reach 15-17%. The car has spacious cabin made of high quality materials and huge trunk, optional in the salon are numerous pockets and bins for storage of small things.

Depending on the chosen configuration the Hyundai Sonata has six airbags, active front head restraints, a stability control system, TCS, ABS, EBD, BAS, HAC, fog lights, rear led lights and more.*

Note that in contrast to other countries, cars with LPG is very popular in South Korea. Gas equipment is installed and configured directly by manufacturer. Thus, robust, reliable and durable work of such a LPG, the fuel system and engine guaranteed directly by the manufacturer.

Among the main advantages of factory LPG from Hyundai:

  1. No problems with engine start in any weather conditions or other factors.
  2. Complete evaporation of gas allows to avoid problems with the “pouring candles” even in the bitter cold, as the gas evaporates, and not “spread” like gasoline.
  3. Gas burns slower than gasoline, thereby reducing the load on the piston, and the engine runs softer and quieter.
  4. Increases engine life, since the use of gas mixtures allows to get rid of problems with clogging of the engine. High system reliability is achieved through multi-stage cleaning gas mixture from mechanical impurities, tar, water and other impurities through the established different types of filters.
  5. Safety LPG LPi 5 generation is significantly higher than the gasoline system of the vehicle as structurally, the gas cylinder times stronger than a conventional gasoline tank, and the equipment includes a multilevel protection system against excess pressure, fuel leaks, etc.
  6. The LPi system is a complete analogue of the gasoline injection system of the vehicle. The injection of liquid gas to completely replace the gasoline and allows to abandon the use of the latter.
  7. Cylinders with gas fuel have a number of protection systems:
  • system against leaks: valve does not pass gas;
  • the system of the excess of fullness in the cylinder: be used, restricting the filling up to 85% of the volume of the container;
  • system from damage of the container: in the event of damage, at change of pressure a valve dumps the extra volume of gas into the vents outside of the vehicle;
  • it is possible to release the gas using the valve.

Note that the AIS that buy cars in Korea and the United States only directly from the official vendors (representatives of factories-manufacturers, auto auctions).

We offer a loan, lease or trade-in (exchange of a used car customer to another used car).** Buyers are legal entities receive a full refund.

Also AIS are available for purchase other popular models imported from USA or Korea: Kia Picanto, Chevrolet Cruze, Volkswagen Jetta, Kia Rio, Ford Focus, Hyundai Elantra, Honda CR-V, Mazda 3, Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage etc.

Learn more about the offered vehicles and terms of acquisition by phone 0800-50-79-50 (free from landline and mobile phones within Ukraine) or on the AIS website Autotrade.

Also, recall that in the company AIS AutoTrade service is available for buying used cars from Korea or the United States under the individual order of the client. Learn more about the terms and make the order on the selection of car on our website.

* Fuel consumption is defined by the manufacturer under perfect laboratory (bench) conditions for the specific model and modifications. In the operation of vehicles in road conditions, fuel consumption can differ from the declared in connection with the influence of various external factors independent of the manufacturer. The list of options depends on the selected vehicle.

** Services lending and leasing companies are carried out by partners (banks and leasing companies), having corresponding licenses of the NBU and Goskomfinuslug. More detailed information about the partners and the conditions of programs of crediting and leasing, check with the Seller.

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