Will the Cybertruck pickup destroy Tesla?

Will the Cybertruck pickup destroy Tesla?


Last fall, the most talked about car, which did not even have time to hit the market, was the Tesla Cybertruck. But this model still causes a lot of skepticism.

Tesla Cybertruck is an electric car, which is expected to appear in many countries of the world. Despite the fact that more than 1,200,000 pre-orders have already been made for it, not everyone is in a hurry to buy such a car.

Tesla investor and Elon Musk fan, Jim Kramer, said the Cybertruck would be “the company’s first disaster.” He completely refrains from commenting on the Tesla bot. As a reminder, the latter should be presented in 2022 as a prototype.

Kramer’s comments were unfavorable regarding the Tesla Cybertruck. He encourages car enthusiasts to opt for a more traditional styling, the Ford F-150 Lightning. The main reason for this opinion is, according to Kramer, the unattractive appearance of the Tesla pickup.

When developing the design, Tesla decided to choose the direction of futurism. Its appearance is really not the most common, but this is what makes it unique in the pickup segment.

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