Will the new Opel Insignia be turned into a SUV?

Will the new Opel Insignia be turned into a SUV?


Opel intends to seriously redesign the Insignia family of vehicles.

According to Auto Express, by 2024 the Insignia may turn into an SUV with some minivan elements. The Insignia is currently available in liftback and station wagon bodies. It should also be noted that the new Insignia will lose its traditional power plants.

Thanks to this move, Opel intends to increase the popularity of Insignia, because now the manufacturer is not satisfied with the sales of Insignia. The new generation of Insignia is expected to be based on the eVMP architecture already used on several models of the Peugeot brand.

Opel intends to focus on electrical modifications of the Insignia SUV. The automaker will offer single and twin-engine powertrains with outputs ranging from 134 to 335 hp. in combination with several types of rechargeable batteries, which can provide a range of 400 to 640 kilometers on a single charge.

Notably, the eVMP architecture is a deeply modernized version of the EMP2 platform. Due to this, it will provide for the possibility of using internal combustion engines, albeit in conjunction with electric motors. Opel will create hybrid installations for the Insignia in conjunction with the Belgian company Punch, but their characteristics have not yet been reported.

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