Will VW electric cars get better autopilot than Tesla?


The Volkswagen brand announced the transition to the creation of a new software architecture for its models: the software was designated as “the new DNA of the brand.” The consequence of this will be the emergence of new services for buyers of VW electric vehicles and, in the future, their transformation into self-driving cars.

Volkswagen’s proprietary software architecture will enable the concern to maintain greater competitiveness, have enhanced integration capabilities, and implement new business models.

For example, along with the software update “over the air”, Volkswagen electric vehicles already on sale in Europe will be able to get access to new options. Among them, in the future, there may be the possibility of autonomous driving of 4 or even 5 levels: it is expected that the autopilot of the new generation of Volkswagen will be presented on an electric car, which is now known as Project Trinity. It should be shown in 2026.

It is also planned to optimize Volkswagen’s own sharing programs: for example, a project that is currently being implemented called WeShare, which was launched back in 2019. The manufacturer is actively replenishing the fleet of cars available for rent by the minute with electric cars.

Finally, one of the goals of its own development, the Volkswagen concern called the achievement of a “accident-free” future. It is planned to exclude the possibility of an accident, among other things, due to the development of the communication protocol Car2X: thanks to this system, the car can receive data from road infrastructure facilities.

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