Williams and Italdesign are working on a platform for electric cars

Williams and Italdesign are working on a platform for electric cars


Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) and Italdesign will jointly offer turnkey modular electric vehicle platforms that other automakers will soon be able to use.

Williams Advanced Engineering, a subsidiary of the Williams Formula 1 team, has been developing a modular platform for electric vehicles called EVX since 2017. The platform comes with a built-in battery that is part of the chassis and thus increases its rigidity. Several years ago, William Advanced Engineering announced that the EVX platform could be used by various automakers, and new details have now become known.

In order to offer an even more complete product, Williams Advanced Engineering partners with Italdesign. Manufacturers who turn to Williams Advanced Engineering will receive a modular EVX platform from the company, on which, among other things, Italdesign will install safety and infotainment systems. In addition, Italdesign has already provided design sketches for the upcoming EVX crossover, sedan, coupe and convertible.

However, do not expect the modular platform to take up space under the oversized models. Both companies claim the base is suitable for high-end premium vehicles and refer to such models as “high-performance GT cars, crossovers and sedans.”

Each model will be produced in a limited edition of 10,000 pieces, 500 of which Italdesign can make itself. According to WAE, the EVX platform and associated electric motors and batteries are suitable for power ratings up to 1,360 hp. and battery capacity from 104 to 160 kWh. This base is suitable for vehicles with wheelbases from 2.9 to 3.1 meters and offers both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

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