Wine with a taste of Chery “new” crossover Cowin

Wine with a taste of Chery “new” crossover Cowin


Mark Cowin displays on the home market a new compact SUV. The model is not developed from scratch – donor for it was a cross of the former parent company Chery.

Brand Cowin Chery was established in 2014 to build lower-priced cars aimed at a younger audience. Hope mark is not justified, the best year was 2016, when China implemented 43,000 cars instead of the planned 63 000 units. As a result, in 2018, a controlling stake Cowin sold the firm government of the province Yibin, and Wuliangye Group structures (Chinese wine producer). The cooperation with the former parent company continues. So, she still produces for Chery Cowin old models (such as SUVs X3 and X5 – that is, turned and Chery Tiggo Tiggo 5). And the first product of the “new era” became a crossover Showjet created on the basis of Chery Tiggo 5x (in other markets, model is known as the Tiggo 4): assemble this SUV in a new factory in Yibin, built by the current owners Cowin. The design of the new cross opened in December 2019, now in China, started receiving pre-orders.


So, over the appearance 5x Tiggo/Tiggo 4 serious job: the Cowin Showjet new hood and bumpers, at the expense of other rear racks appeared “floating” roof, head optics made two stories and the rear lights are connected by a luminous band. Grille is also replaced, and customers are offered two design options – with a wide horizontal lines or a “dot” pattern. Length Showjet equal to 4400 mm, width 1831 mm, height – 1653 mm, wheelbase – 2632 mm. For comparison, the basic dimensions Chery Tiggo 5x, designed for China: 4358/1830/1670 mm wheelbase – 2630 mm.

The salon Cowin Showjet also own, then the other front panel, the virtual “tidy”, multimedia system control unit “climate” and the selector transmission. In addition, inside mounted dvuhsvetnoe steering wheel. Crossover also provides a panoramic roof with sliding section, wireless charging for smartphones, cameras of the circular review.

The crossover is available from Cowin “aspirated” 1.5 (factory index SQRE4G15C) with a capacity of 116 HP (143 Nm), which comes with a five-speed “mechanics” or CVT. These engine and boxes and donor Tiggo is equipped with a 5x. SUV Chery at home can still be bought with “turboservice” SQRE4T15C 1.5 (156 HP, 230 Nm) and robotic gearbox with two clutches, but Showjet this pair has not got. Drive both of the “Chinese” only the front.

For the crossover Cowin asking nearly as much for a Chery model: Showjet is 58 900 – 89 900 yuan (about 8 300 – 12 600 dollars at the current exchange rate), and Tiggo 5x with “aspirated” today will cost 59 900 – 85 900 yuan (8 400 – 12 000 dollars). Price of Chery cross with the turbo engine and DCT – the same 89 900 yuan. The first buyers Showjet Cowin will give a discount.

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Outside of the Chinese market models Cowin to sell not planning.

Meanwhile, 5x original Chery Tiggo/Tiggo 4 at home survived the second restyling, however, while such a cross is not officially represented.

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