Winter tires Toyo: what is the advantage and disadvantages

Winter tires Toyo: what is the advantage and disadvantages


Tires Toyo relatively popular among Ukrainian motorists. While not the best price compared to products of other manufacturers of winter tires of this brand shows a high technical and operational characteristics.

So, Toyo tires provide good handling and directional stability when driving on snow and ice, with relatively low noise.

The main advantages and disadvantages

Japanese company Toyo was founded in 1945 For the 75-year history, the company has managed to enter the list of top manufacturers of tires for automobiles and other vehicles, and its production is in great demand around the world, including Ukraine.

Real winter tires Toyo, which you can buy at the link perfectly adapted to use in difficult road and climatic conditions. Japanese tire brand are of the highest quality rubber compound and reliability. Rubber ensures excellent grip on snowy and icy roads, has the optimum rolling resistance.

The development and production of winter tyres Toyo is run by qualified and experienced professionals. The Japanese company has its own research center, which are constantly carrying out various testing of products. Thanks to this tyre brand are characterized by the highest level of quality and safety. Winter rubber has excellent durability, the tread is characterized by the ability to heal itself.

Toyo tires for winter driving are different in technical features:

  • The t-mode. Thanks to the latest patented manufacturing process ensures maximum accuracy of test tires using a computer simulation. Thanks to Japanese engineers are able to assess the exposure of the tires to wear and other important parameters.
  • Technology application of noise walls ensures smooth distribution of air inside the tire. This excludes cavity mode during the movement, prevents the emergence of a wheezing sound.
  • The presence of multi-wave sipes of the shoulder blocks increases the functional characteristics of winter tires ensures quality traction on snowy and icy roads, as well as more regular wear.
  • Toyo tires are tough and functional tread pattern, which guarantees the safety of travel on winter roads.
  • Due to the effect of microscopic spikes improves adhesion between rubber as with the ice-covered track, and sleet.

The only downside to the tires of the Japanese manufacturer is the similarity of operating characteristics even with a completely different tread patterns.

Note that Toyo tires is often used in the original equipment of different models of Audi, Toyota, Mazda, Lexus, Nissan, Daihatsu etc.

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