With a fighting spirit: Toyota model Levin Sport

With a fighting spirit: Toyota model Levin Sport


Japanese automaker Toyota introduced a Sport model of Levin for the Chinese market.

The main differences from the simple Levin is a new, larger bumpers with large black inserts. In turn, the standard interior has faux leather trim and contrast panels. Furthermore, the fixed integrated head restraints’ve got both front seats, and rear sofa.



The only technical feature of the variation is retuned Sport exhaust system. However, the motors are the same as the standard car. We are talking about petrol 116-horsepower turbo engine capacity of 1.2 liters in conjunction with a variable speed transmission and the hybrid powertrain, consisting of an atmospheric engine of 1.8, the motor (122 HP) and Electromechanical CVT.

Sale “sports” Levin will start next month. Simple sedans currently cost from us $ 16,000 , but the cost variations of the Sport will be higher.

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