With a quick delivery van was put up for sale

With a quick delivery van was put up for sale


Auction house Iron Horse Auctions in North Carolina, USA, was put up for auction racing van P-800 Box Truck, built in the 2000s, to advertise the courier services company UPS. The starting bid price is just one dollar.

The van-style cars NASCAR series created on the base model 1990 mileage at the time of the alterations was about 500 000 kilometers. To work on a show car drew Mike Ryan, the stunt rider, winner of competitions in speed climbing the hill pikes Peak. As a result of the conversion the car received racing suspension and steering, and a standard engine occupied the unit, built by Toyota Racing Development. The parameters of the unit are not reported.


In addition, courier van equipped with rollcage, racing devices, a built-in fire extinguishing system and nitrous injection. Also the equipment included rear view camera with monitor and a set of wheels with tires.

Earlier in Germany put up for sale an upgraded Volkswagen Transporter T5 units from Porsche. It is equipped with 3.6-liter atmospheric uprated engine and exhaust system Porsche 996 Turbo that has allowed to increase capacity up to 647 horsepower and 790 Nm of torque.

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