With breeze: 911 Targa for police needs

With breeze: 911 Targa for police needs


The TechArt workshop has adapted the new Porsche 911 Targa (992) for the needs of the German police. A sports two-door car in the livery of law enforcement agencies was made as part of the annual project Tune it! Safe! The show car differs from the usual 911 Targa not only in the paintwork and flashing beacons – TechArt lowered the suspension, added a discreet aerodynamic body kit, altered the interior with perforated leather and replaced the standard wheels with custom two-tone wheels.

TechArt’s Porsche 911 Targa Police Officer is an example of safe and proper tuning, built from extra-budgetary funds. German law enforcement agencies will use the sports car in educational events, and the public debut of the novelty took place at a show in Essen.

Targa is an atypical body type for a police car, so the LED bar had to be placed not above the driver’s head, but closer to the rear axle. Another interesting detail is the strobe lights in the hood air intakes. Other enhancements from the standard TechArt kit include 40mm lowered sport springs, Techart Formula V multi-spoke wheels, carbon fiber bumper and side skirts, and a discreet spoiler.

The Porsche logos have given way to TechArt labels, the steering wheel, center tunnel and door cards are covered with perforated leather with a checkered flag pattern, and a control panel for special signals and a signal-voice device appeared in the center. No changes were made to the power plant: under the hood, a 385-horsepower (450 Nm) flat-six 3.0-liter engine, an 8-speed “robot” gearbox, four-wheel drive.

Tune it! Safe! has been operating since 2005, and the initiative is supported by both German tuning studios and the German Ministry of Transport. Spectacular show cars such as the 911 Targa police officer should draw attention to the problem of artisanal interference in the structure of the car.

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