With whom it does not happen: the owner of the Ford Bronco drowned the SUV

With whom it does not happen: the owner of the Ford Bronco drowned the SUV


The Ford Bronco SUV was completely destroyed after its owner drowned it in the Ohio River in the southern state of the same name. According to The Drive, citing eyewitnesses, the driver of the SUV drove past the “road closed” sign and drove straight into the river, which, due to the layer of ice, looked almost indistinguishable from the road. Under the weight of the car, the ice cracked, and the Bronco plunged to the roof level in cold water. They pulled it out only after a few days.

It is noted that a highway was indeed laid in this place, however, due to the rising water level in the Ohio River, it was flooded. Later, an ice crust formed on top, which “merged” with the ice covering the higher part of the road, forming a uniform surface. This confused the owner of the Bronco, and he might not have noticed the sign due to the blizzard.

The Bronco gradually sank into the water. Drivers in northern latitudes have complained more than once about the off-road removable roof, which is blamed for snow getting into the passenger compartment, but in this case it turned out to be handy: floating ice around did not allow passengers to open the doors, so they removed the roof and got out of the car through the top. They were cold and wet, but there were no serious harm to health.

Probably, having estimated the cost of the rescue operation, the owner of the car decided to wait for the low tide of the river in order to pull it out himself with a cable. However, the water, which rose two meters above the usual level, did not descend for several days. When the Bronco was finally pulled out, it was, as expected, in a sorry state.

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