WM Motor will be replenished with two trains

WM Motor will be replenished with two trains


Chinese startup WM Motor expects to add two new electric vehicles to its lineup, electrek.co reports.

The company shared its plans for this year. The manufacturer wants to expand its market presence and enter the electric sedan segment. The compact E5 and the premium M7 can help.

The first to debut is the M7, which will receive several lidars in the manner of the XPeng P5. There is no information about technical characteristics and prices yet.

Recall that WM Motor was once considered an extremely promising startup, on which great hopes were pinned. However, the brand has clearly lagged behind its competitors.

Earlier, the leading Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers reported on their record deliveries to the market. WM Motor, however, did not report on its deliveries at all, thereby perplexing its investors. The reason for this can be called the extremely slow formation of the lineup, which is proceeding neither wobbly nor roll. The up-and-coming sedans should help the brand catch up on sales of its main competitors NIO, XPeng and Li Auto.

Nevertheless, one shouldn’t have any special hopes for WM Motor, because its growth rates lag far behind other young Chinese manufacturers, and its own plant with a capacity of 100 thousand cars is underutilized. It is quite possible that in the near future this manufacturer will have to sell itself to some large large concern, which will be able to establish a more stable release of new products

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