“Wolf in sheep’s clothing”: Toyota Prius turned into a hunting machine

“Wolf in sheep’s clothing”: Toyota Prius turned into a hunting machine


Dallas-based Starwood Customs has posted photos of its new project. The Toyota Prius hybrid car has been fitted with a heavily redesigned body and an upgraded chassis, making it the perfect hunting car.

The main difference between the new project Starwood Customs, which was named Predator Prius, from the production hybrid model, is the modified rear end of the body. The car was essentially cut off the trunk, replacing it with an open area with a bench and a railing. The site was equipped with stops, as well as covers for hunting weapons.

At the front of the Predator Prius, a powerful bumper was installed, into which a winch is integrated. In addition, the grille on the hood rests on the bumper: it is supposed to transport hunting prey on it. Another trunk was placed on the roof of the car, where there is a spare wheel and an additional LED light. The body of the hybrid was painted in a “camouflage” matte olive green shade.

It is also reported about the refinement of the chassis of the modernized Toyota Prius, but in the pictures you can only see the larger high-profile tires on the original rims. The Predator Prius developers note that its hybrid powertrain makes it ideal for hunting, simply because it allows the Prius to move completely silently. In addition, the development of a “hunting vehicle” based on it will be cheaper than using a traditional pickup truck as a donor.

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