WOODY & KLEINY Pranked Me!

WOODY & KLEINY Pranked Me!


I visit the comedy duo Woody & Kleiny in England with the new Vantage from Aston Martin. As soon as I arrive they prank me with a brick!Follow us on:

I’ll go get a sponge man what do you get a sponge sponge we need to UM I’ll get a sponge so you came to woody and Klein to get you Conklin yeah it was a bit of a drive but it’s gonna be worth it the best part they’re pros I heard they got big hoses eh it’s a cute vision by the way so you see all of this carbon fiber everywhere yep carbon fiber skirts that’s all because it’s been done by the Q division it’s like customization so that’s pretty cool why is it so dirty so we have been at the festival of speed literally in a paddock and the first day there was a tiny Sun shower right tiny for like five minutes and since then it’s just been attracting like a it’s been a dirt and magnet we’ve driven all this way it took us two and a half hours to get here today so these guys can clean my car so what is guys day if you don’t know what woody incline you do you’re missing out they do skits on YouTube and on Instagram and their big time they’re kind of a big deal they think they’re funny their own we’re gonna play along yeah cuz you never know how it ended like country of the UK what’s gonna happen if you don’t play along they’ve already tried throwing a brick at my car what’s the deal with these what’s the deal with these estimates I’ve heard they’re like [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] so how did you guys start our social media yeah I came out of the blue really just kind of well I say we fell into it to kind of and if the BBC hold on and say you know we’ve got the World Cup we need a BBC to BBC presenters talking on the forty and the game is that something you want to do okay Britain’s Got Talent entertainment that’s the ruie want to go down more entertainment you know fun shows game shows that’s harvest okay Britain’s Got Talent here guys so if God presented Wardy and kleiner Britain’s Got Talent we thought your first talent walking in Alex Hershey’s supercar blondie go guys three two one we’re life guys okay guys so now Britain’s Got Talent can we give a warm welcome to see the cobbler well it’s okay because there’s always three exits the third one hasn’t gone off yet I think these guys should get the job this isn’t going quite a plan yeah order in the hose is that something we can do yeah we have were in a house [Laughter] all right can you tell us it when did you wash your car loss when am i wash any color maybe what is your car go watch the car come on at least do the hosing I can get you buddy that looks of really good really good so we’re just getting ready that’s really here with the lovely Lucy what do I get to wear a diet Lucy did you know that you have to say name this her car yeah have you seen what we film skits on I move our phone away from their skits on show with many people around the world no one has skidded like that you know that’s cool do you think your your dad and Klein they have to overcompensate for something with the camera okay you guys let’s go for another Russell Russell speed and action woody so firstly how often have you driven an Aston before okay so this will be my first time okay let me just see if I can work out he’s the key woody what do you know off this car woody what sort of engine are we talking here gunmetal gray yeah absolutely yeah when there’s what do you think the horsepower [Laughter] goes in here wait if I’m thinking you know what I feels like you know like when you do you push something naught to 60 quick I only just move this into positioning how do you turn it on definitely on that one I’ll start so it’s a start and stop this card driver’s license right yeah hey you gotta instrument oh yeah you ready for this battle as long as I live in a house clapping afternoon and that was a review off to our second location now for another schizo Woody’s gonna drive I’m in the passenger seat so we’re gonna get his review of the Vantage do you later suckers thank God probably should be then that road beneath you’re trying so hard not to smile the concentration slower slower is insane let me tell you I’ve never driven a car which has left my stomach behind me that is unbelievable so don’t throw prick at it again we’ve spent an awesome afternoon with woody and funny and his family it’s been amazing I hope you’ve enjoyed it thank you so so much for watching please like and subscribe and we’ll see you on the next one

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