World Exclusive! CZINGER 21C FIRST DRIVE: $2m, 1,233bhp 3D-printed hypercar

World Exclusive! CZINGER 21C FIRST DRIVE: $2m, 1,233bhp 3D-printed hypercar


This is the Czinger 21C – a 3D-printed hypercar. Weighing 1240kg – which isn’t very much – and a combined 1,233bhp (from a hybrid system consisting of a mid-mounted twin-turbo 2.9-litre V8 and e-motors for each of the front wheels) it’s fast. In “Low Drag” configuration Czinger claims the 21C has a top speed of 281mph and does 0-62mph in 1.9 seconds, 0-186mph in 8.5 seconds and 0-248mph in 21.3 seconds. 0-248mph-0 is said to take 27.1 seconds – a Bugatti Chiron does it in 41.96 seconds, and a Koenigsegg Regera in 31.49 seconds. Meanwhile in “High Downforce” configuration, Czinger claims the 21C makes 650kg of downforce at 100mph and 2,500kg at 200mph. Oh, and it’s just snatched the Laguna Seca lap record from a McLaren Senna. So we had to have a go. This is what happened when Jack Rix was the first in the world to drive an early prototype of this wild car. Electric Awards 2021: – Series 30: Best of Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

this is the zinger 21c the 3d printed in-line two-seater hybrid hyper car that just broke the lap record at laguna seca stormy around two seconds faster than the mclaren senna and firmly announcing its arrival on the hypercar stage so yeah it’s quick ridiculously quick but it’s not speed or the oneplus one layout that really marks this car out from the plethora of other hypercar startups out there no it’s the idea it represents it’s the inspiration behind it which is why i’m standing next to this the blackbird sr-71 hands down the coolest aircraft ever made you see the ceo and founder of zinger vehicles kevin zinger took inspiration from the sr-71 blackbird when he was devising the 21c not for the styling or powertrain of course but for the skunk works mentality that made it possible for kelly johnson and his small team of engineers to build a spy plane capable of cruising at mac 3.2 that’s around two and a half thousand miles an hour at 85 000 feet in an incredibly short amount of time he wants this car like this plane to be a giant leap a tech reset that challenges everything we know about how we build cars only 80 will be built costing two million dollars each with first deliveries in 2023 but it’s not really a car the zinger 21c is a demonstrator for what’s possible with digital design and 3d printing yep anything that can be 3d printed on this car is 3d printed the suspension arms the crash structures the dash structure if we look in here this entire exhaust system these beautifully intricate heat shields here it’s all printed from inconel from titanium from aluminium alloys and it’s why when you look into the rear of the car here there’s some amazing mesmerizing organic shape it’s more like muscle and tendon than it is pieces of metal in fact we did a full video around two years ago on this entire process and it’s pretty wild there have been advances though i’m told that this entire rear structure of the car can be autonomously assembled by robots in under five minutes and to better than aerospace industry tolerances it’s impressive stuff but we’re not actually here today to talk about the process we’re here to drive okay before we get going a few things you need to know this car is an early prototype and how should i put this it wasn’t exactly behaving itself all day as a result our driving time was limited to a few passes on the road and a handful of laps on the track so please excuse the lack of action shots we got what we could thanks on with the film okay so a little bit of housekeeping the gearbox is a bit jerky now this is a pre-production car it’s quite an early prototype it’s got a dog leg straight cut gears gearbox which means it’s really temperamental getting off the line you need to use a hand clutch you need to release that you need to use the electronic assistant on the front axle just to get you moving yeah you wouldn’t be impressing any mates outside the club in this one because you probably stole it but once you’re up and running you just change up with the power on and then oh the gearbox works it works downshifts boom boom boom quick as you like back yes it is a mad mad looking thing this car it’s low and long from the side the windscreen starts somewhere in front of the front axle and then you come round the front and it’s wide it’s properly wide it’s over two meters wide but you’ve got this super skinny cockpit in here and that is all borne out of the fact that kevin zinger the man behind this company he’s obsessed with superbikes and he wanted this one plus one configuration so you’ve got electric motors two of them on the front axle in front of me and then the driver and then the passenger and then the v8 engine behind me which means you’re a bit squashed up the whole car is massively long and i’m tucked in the nose like some sort of turbo era f1 car i tell you what it requires focus and all your attention this car because once you’re in it there’s no resting your hand on the wheel sipping your coffee checking your text messages you’re all in you’re staring straight down the barrel of the bonnet you’re surrounded by glass you’re in the middle of your lane it is a proper proper thing now i should describe exactly what i’m looking at so in front of me i got a digital screen with lots of parameters about my battery charge and various other things oil temperature the steering wheel it’s a yolk steering wheel so the tops cut off a bit like a new tesla model s plaid so you get a good look at those instruments in front of you but actually i’m glad it is because it forces you to keep your hands in the right position and forces you to concentrate i’ve got some dials over here which are actually integrated in quite a nice carbon fiber panel but that’s just for the prototype that’s going to be changed for the production car and that’s about it to be honest i’m not looking at anything else apart from the road in front of me because as i said it requires my attention this thing than 10 shots of espresso i’m on the road in a 1 200 plus horsepower supercar that’s been 3d printed then i feel alive bare numbers here are bananas acclaimed dry weight of 1240 kilograms a combined 1233 horsepower from a hybrid powertrain consisting of an in-house twin-turbo 2.9 liter v8 revving to 11 000 rpm and two e-motors one for each of the front wheels in this high drag configuration it makes 650 kilograms of downforce at 100 miles an hour and two and a half tons of downforce at 200 miles an hour while in low drag configurations top speed is 281 miles an hour north 62 takes 1.9 seconds and not 186 miles an hour takes 8.5 seconds for reference a sheeron takes 12.1 look i knew this thing was going to be fast it’s broken the lap record at laguna seca for christ’s sake but oh my word the way that the throttle picks up the way that the engine revs out oh yes that was just a cheeky 9000 it’s got more to go alright so let’s dissect this a bit by bit and the first bit is the acceleration you got hit a bit earlier here we go again oh man it just keeps on coming it accelerates for days this thing here we go down the hill that was about 10 000 rpm it’s like driving an lmp car this thing you can feel the downforce actually through that compression it’s a full-on a full-on ride the steering is actually really good i like it there’s plenty of feel i talked earlier about the yoke steering wheel meaning you gotta keep your hands in the right place and right now they’re not going anywhere because i’m trying to hold on to this beast around willow springs this old school track that’s got little tricks and turns and we’re on the straight now we’re in fourth gear that’s eight last time just 10. oh man that is beautiful the thing is these sorts of cards they look so intimidating you read about the performance figures and you just think i can’t handle that sort of thing but when you go on track this is its comfort zone it’s designed to be low and fast and produce massive amounts of downforce this engine wants to just let go it wants to scream to the red line i’m just clinging on i’ll be honest the gearbox which was a bit grouchy and very hard to get off the line when we were on the road earlier now it’s not a problem now it’s up to speed now as long as you got your foot to the floor it loves an up shift and we’re down the hill again and i’m in fourth gear and the engine’s revving and i’ve got over a thousand horsepower oh when i first met kevin singer about two years ago he told me look jack if you got the tools to make something that is properly off the hook just go for it and fair play kevin this car is well and truly off the hook concerns well making a powertrain as mighty as this properly robust isn’t easy or cheap and selling 80 cars for upwards of 2 million as an unknown company won’t be straightforward either but if it does make it to full production to build this from a standing start with such a unique configuration and bespoke chassis tech is impressive stuff just imagine what it’ll be like when it’s finished you

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