World Premiere Vinfast Reveals Futuristic EVs!

World Premiere Vinfast Reveals Futuristic EVs!


VinFast (@VinFast Official) is a new auto manufacturer from Vietnam that is launching on a big scale in the United States. They’ve just revealed their whole EV line up for the US and European market. In the next year they’ll open 60 showrooms in California alone. Vinfast also announced their Blockchain NFT launch to get a great discount on your first order. Check it out here: The NFT reservation is refundable & transferrable.#jointhecharge #vinfastus

all right guys we’re here at the world’s biggest consumer electronics show ces in vegas i’ve flown over especially for this because this is where future tech is revealed i love this stuff i love seeing what’s coming in the future vinfast is back they have on display their full eevee lineup now what is super cool they are one of the very first car companies in the world to join the blockchain over the holidays i’m sure someone either in your friendship group or your family has mentioned either the blockchain cryptocurrencies the metaverse anything along those lines and you’re like oh my god what is this stuff when is it coming i’m so confused spin fast has launched something called the vin first program if you go and join the vin first program what you get issued is your own nft i’m sure you’ve heard that as well this is a non-fungible token we’re not going to get into the whole technical details but basically you get your own unique nft that you can then redeem later on when you buy one of these cars you can go and pay 200 bucks that’s it you get your nft and then once you want to buy your vinfast car you actually get 5 000 off your very first finn fast card and you redeem your nft and then on this one eight you get 3 000 off the car guys that’s kind of crazy i just think something like this is super super cool because i’ve never heard of a car company doing this before they’re getting into blockchain they’re getting into this kind of new world of technology that we’re all talking about i just think it’s super cool so if you want to go and get yourself this nft and be part of the vin first group super simple you just have to go into the description of this video and the link to their website is there it’s just on the main vinfast website and the cool thing as well is we’re all moving towards sustainability right when you get your vin first membership they’re going to plan a tree in your name what you’ll notice is they’ve simplified all their names we’ve got the vf5 vf6789 so now it’s so easily recognizable because before it had like e in the front of it e35 e36 now vin fast has decided get rid of the e because all of their cars are now electric so they do not need the yield in front all right so you’ve got this beautiful like lit up from in the v design and then look at the size of these excuse me they sell tacos around here tacos like tacos tacos okay that was that was alejandro salamandra what the hell is he doing looking for a duck let’s meet the chief designer he’s just over here dave chief designer here at binfast i’ve got a lot of questions for you perfect because you’ve got five brand new cars and guys i know a lot of you write in and say my dream job is to become a car designer this is the guy he has that dream job it is a dream job is it as good as everyone thinks it is so good is it so good how amazing is that i give one tip how do you become a chief designer of a major car manufacturer so you can actually go to college to become a car designer i went to a really good school in detroit college for creative studies got a degree in transportation design and then worked my butt off so there you go go to college kids that’s how it works you have a blank slate you are designing all new cars this is like for an all-new brand for an all-new brand this is this is possibly the the best position for any car designer to be in right yeah absolutely so where do you start what do you do you just well the first thing you do is you want to create a kind of a brand signature yeah for most cars on the road that’s the grill shape right right you think about it bmw grill mercedes grill or rolls royce we’re doing electric cars they don’t need a grill right right start with our v logo we designed the v logo v logo so this is right here and then we really wanted to do something this signature look in the front end okay so here this is our vf5 this is our most affordable car yep it’s doing it in chrome but you can see we have this kind of signature look coming off of the v logo yes in the all the other vehicles it’s done with ambient light should we have a look yeah yeah so with this one you’ve got it in chrome and that’s just to keep the cost down guys because this is your most affordable windfast car yeah i think it’s it’s important to say we’re trying to convert people from internal combustion to evs yep the way to do that is not to make really really really expensive vehicles yeah we want something for everybody in every segment right once you go up the ranks a little bit more you get for example the lit up v-lines this is your favorite design and this is also my favorite design i think i’m not i’m not allowed to have favorites oh he’s not gonna yeah this is uh this one is our maybe our most avant garde our most adventurous the shapes of the hood all kind of radiate off of the v logo and then these giant wheels of tires 21 inch you guys yeah like that that’s a decent sized wheel it’s a it’s a good size that sets up everything can we get it yeah yeah the rims or the or the wheels are quite covered now and that’s good for aerodynamics so it’ll basically improve the range of of your car so you’ve got these kind of rooms in a different design style on each of these that’s right and i love how these are this is design language you guys flush you know they’re they’re in the door itself what you might notice guys is on the front you’ve got that very distinctive v right on all of the cars but all of the backs are very very different especially the lights as well you’ll notice on this one it looks powerful and the glass is in i like this a lot these fins are great for aerodynamics too right i mean i like it because from a design standpoint it’s just it’s like a karate chop i love this wind tunnel this is the vf9 and you’ve got three different rows here so it’s quite quite a big suv because it’s such a big car you still want the range right so you needed to really work on the aerodynamics of the car yeah somebody that is looking for a full-size suv they don’t want a jelly bean they want a truck they want something with corners and edges and it looks looks tough right the wind tunnel doesn’t like that so we found a way around that and there’s all kinds of interesting tricks on this design so if you look at yeah this is the uh the air bridge air comes in here it comes out through the middle of the hood yes and it goes up over the windshield yep to the wind this looks like it’s got a really fast windshield almost like a minivan but nobody wants to drive them anywhere right they’re really aerodynamic and they’re really efficient but nobody wants it right right this lets you have that look that you want and still have something that’s really slippery on the windshield there’s something similar here on the sides too this takes in air here and then it vents it out the side there i love the detailing yeah but it’s also really good for aero yeah this is your second biggest so the vf8 and again the back is different yes now you’ve got little little columns those are little plates yeah little column lights for the brakes okay so who’s going to buy this this is really one of our most sophisticated vehicles this is it’s a five-seater so it’s not three rows like our vf9 yeah this is for somebody who is very established a lot more sophisticated there’s a lot of layers of detail we have our signature light yes we also have our high low beams down here but these little brush strokes of chrome help add a lot of character we’ve got our arrow details you know this is for somebody that maybe wants something a little bit more of a european look not quite as overtly american looking as a vf9 here we have the vf6 if i’m not no yeah yes yes this is still a very low cost vehicle we didn’t want to make it look like it was you know for kids okay all right so there’s a sophistication that maybe if you’re looking at other vehicles kind of in this segment yeah they tend to be maybe bubbly playful yeah you look at it they go like i’m probably going to regret that in a couple of years so i wanted this to have a lot more sophistication it does have big wheels and tires out of the corners and this we really wanted to make sure that um because it’s navy we put all the batteries in between the wheels so it has a pretty long wheelbase which gives us a huge back seat on this car so it may feel like a b segment maybe from the outside but you get inside and there’s a lot more room than anything else in its class okay so these ones the three new ones we cannot yet get inside but we do have interiors over here um i think you could probably get us behind the tape well you can probably even sit on this if you’d like hello here we go drive a seat all right okay guys look one thing you’ll notice is there’s no digital display that’s right so everything is now going to be on heads-up display so you can see it here you can choose what you see on the screen and then you’ve got this big screen here yes and what i think is super important to people now is can they come in connect their phone boom they’ve got carplay they’ve got android up here it’s all connected you get in you can throw your phone on the wireless charger you don’t have to plug it in to get carplay or android auto it’s all wireless our normal design you know you’ve got navigation you’ve got audio all the typical things you know where you’re going and you like the song you’re listening to yeah we call the zen mode you can make that stuff go away you can upload your own picture i love that so i can have a picture of my dogs on the screen with me everywhere dogs are a favorite of course so it’s a picture frame basically if you don’t need it for anything else just before we go this here uh tell me your thoughts on having these big buttons for drive neutral river instead of having it on the wheel instead of having a shifter right for a lot of people this is going to be a very different way of operating the vehicle yeah and so we’re trying to make it as simple as possible there’s no stop start you get in you put your foot on the brake oh there’s noises that’s a there’s no engine to turn over yeah so you get in you put your foot on the brake as you tend to do and the vehicle wakes up you press drive and you go it’s so easy it’s too simple look at your dogs and none of that extra stuff that everybody has to fuss with wow that’s so cool all right guys that’s dave chief designer at vmfast thank you so much um let’s go check out some more it’s exciting to see all of these new car companies come out and they’re really focusing on tech because these cars used to be launched at like car events right this is a consumer technology show which i absolutely love i love the direction we’re going in right thank you guys so much for watching i hope you enjoyed and thank you so much for vin fast for showing us all of these cool cards alright we’re out love you bye

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