World Record Breaking 6-Wheel Mercedes!

World Record Breaking 6-Wheel Mercedes!


Not many cars are bought as an investment, but this is one of the rarest Mercedes on the market. It’s value has actually increased by 50% in the last few years. Check out why – special thanks to Al Qalam Motors
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like he’s like oh yeah that’s a stick car he waved to me he’s like damn i thought i had the coolest car on the road i was like nah mate [Music] hey what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie uh hi i’m up here yeah i’ve got some yellow kicks on today to celebrate this cool shoot because i’ve got something really cool to show you give the video a quick thumbs up for me i love you guys so much right check this out you think this is a g wagon right standard g wagon come over here peeps look at this it is a 6×6 from mercedes-benz how freaking crazy is this car it’s massive [Music] massive thank you to alcala motors for bringing this out today for the supercar blondie family to see notice something fishy all six tyres have been deflated now this car holds the world record for this i will show you right now this you’re not going to see in many cars i tell you that right now you can see all six tires have been deflated to around 0.5 bar and that is optimized for driving in the sand now what you can do is within seconds flick that i’m actually going to inflate all six tires within seconds you guys normally this would take minutes like 20 minutes watch this right you see that most people in their cars they would have to actually stop at the side of the road go somewhere where you can actually deflate the tires and then get back in the car and go uh off-roading but in this car you can literally sit in luxury here in your leather seat and press some buttons and boom you have actually deflated and inflated your tires within seconds now i’ll show you how that works this underneath here you’ve got these tanks that is actually what makes it possible for you to just literally sit in your car and press some buttons and they go up and down so quickly and the cool thing is you can do the front two ties together and all four back tires together this is one of the rarest and most expensive mercedes you can buy isn’t that crazy so when you think about really expensive mercedes you think like the sls the slr this is up there with those guys this actually cost about half a million dollars so 500 000 when it first came out this one is a 2014 model they stopped production all together in 2015. now in 2020 this baby has increased in price by 50 per cent now this one is going for about 800 000 there are some though that go for a million dollars and over it all depends what you have done to your 6×6 when i grew up or and i’m sure you guys were told the same do not buy cars because they just depreciate in value as soon as you drive a car out of the showroom you are going to lose money on that car the interesting thing in what i have been doing over the last few years is i’ve learned that some of these cars can actually be really really good investments all right so we’ve got a 5.5 liter v8 bit turbo engine running this and that has about 540 horsepower you might notice right in a normal g-wagon the car would stop here right so you’d have the front doors back doors and boom it would cut off here they’ve actually added a whole extra part and that is because they wanted the back seats to be just as luxurious as the front seats so they’ve moved the back seats all the way back here so there’s plenty of leg room here in the front for these passengers now come around the back i actually have a full tray back here we go here we go there you go and it actually looks like it’s been used which is unusual for a car like this because it’s so expensive a lot of people would just buy this car just as a toy right but this looks like it’s actually had things thrown in the back and actually being used for the purpose that it was made for you got the extra tire there in the back you got the roll bars i’ve got to be honest with you i do love this car because it just has the cool factor right but i’m a little bit unsure as to what you would use it for the car is so high it’s almost two and a half meters high that it will not fit in most car garages like if we were just to drive to the mall it will not fit in the mall car park and this clearance is a half a meter in itself just the clearance here while i love the concept and i love how it looks um i think it’s more of like a play thing rather than something really functional a variation of this was actually first made for the australian military they got a couple hundred of these cars and then they were like do you know what let’s make a few for customers as well sell it to people who literally just want to take it on the sand and for a bit of fun um it’s a little bit of a hike up here don’t wear a dress if you ever get into this car all right now in the back seats i’m just filling this out yeah there’s a lot of room it’s nice basically they’ve amg this baby out it’s all gorgeous leather drive on like takeoff that’s what i’m gonna call it it doesn’t um it doesn’t feel heavy you don’t even notice that you’re driving something six wheels nothing to see here mate just a six by six mercedes it’s a ridiculous car like i don’t know any reason why you would need this car but at the same time i really like it it is super cool and it feels actually i don’t want to say light because it’s obviously not a light car it weighs almost four tons but i don’t feel it when i’m driving it and that’s pretty cool it really feels actually just super light now what i am interested in is the turning circle so we’re gonna test that that out um what i really like in a few different massive beastly cars that i’ve been driving recently is that it has all-wheel um steering right so it helps for the turning circle if a car is so long it really helps if the back wheels turn at a different direction to the front ones so you can whip around corners but i don’t think this has that look he’s like he’s like oh yeah that’s a stick car he waved to me it’s like damn i thought i had the coolest car on the road i was like nah mate no chance i got a six by six i rule the road that’s how you feel in this car oh okay what about the turning circle let’s see let’s see um not too bad actually not too bad not as good as some other big cars i’ve driven but not too bad i got around that corner fine it’s got some power you guys 540 horsepower i wouldn’t have thought was enough to feel like it’s powered well enough for such a heavy car but they’ve done a really good job what i would want though is if i got this car i would definitely want the bravus exhaust system because if you have a car like this you want it to sound just as beastly as it looks all right that’s it a massive shout out to my notifications gang make sure you click those notifications on so you are the first to see my vids don’t miss out don’t have your friends tell you what’s going on go watch it also subscribe to my supercar blondie family i would love to have you we are growing super quickly we’ve got so many more cars coming your way i love your amount [Music] bye you

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