WORLD RECORD! The Fastest Production Car | Agera RS

WORLD RECORD! The Fastest Production Car | Agera RS


I tracked down the record holder for the fastest production car in the world! Thanks to Marc, Jeff and Dan I’m getting behind the wheel of The Koenigsegg Agera RS! It’s now my favourite car to drive!Big thanks to: Dan – @dan_am_i / Jeff – @speedy_jeff & Marc / @x_marc_the_spot (make sure to follow them on Instagram)Follow me on:

Wow ya know is the most incredible driving experience of my entire life we have just driven about an hour just over an hour out of LA the reason why we’ve headed down here is because we’re visiting one amazing car collection one of the biggest car collections in LA private owner his name is Dan Moniz den mi on Instagram arriving in this awesome rolls-royce we’ll talk about this a little bit more on the way back the more and more I drive rolls the more I’m convinced I really want one in my life Spirit of Ecstasy Goes Down and – one off save garages you know like let’s see what thank no no one’s here we thought ever on a disappeared we’ve got so many koenigsegg serum I don’t quite know what’s going on I’ve never seen so many Koenigseggs in one place is this just where people eat pop various owners here right we do okay so hold on what’s more impressive yes actually he’s not wearing any shoelaces yeah what’s the deal what’s the read these are special limited edition converse require no shoelaces loss so you pay more for having less shoes that is correct which ones are yours the great one and mine and the silver ones are these two here in the middle of yours right so we’ve got a couple from Dan as well correct so which ones are done dances yep behind that that’s Vader Vader Mark show your face quickly there you the youngest Koenigsegg owner in the world incredible mother blog on just mark so we’ll chat to you about your because you’ve got Vader correct yes and Dan has Thor so they’d like to kind of brothers brothers right little brothers yeah yeah there are definitely brothers and they’re both stored here so we’re gonna talk to you a little bit later about yours let’s go walk around if you want to join us I didn’t know this car was gonna be here and this is quite exciting actually do you know what this car is this is the fastest production car in the world it’s got a like a thousand different certificates it’s beaten for world records is that right Jeff actually 505 yep Wow okay so it’s beaten five World Records this exact car sitting right here can we talk about it sure I think that’s pretty impressive on any level so this is actually the one that went from zero to 400 and back down again to zero in 32 seconds you know what I think it’s 32 in change yes okay so there was somewhere between 30 to 33 seconds I don’t know if you remember this but remember Bugatti was like we’re gonna take the shear on up to 400 kilometers an hour and back down again to zero and we’re gonna see how fast we can do it I think it was what 38 seconds it was shoot Oh what 42 40 back they were so proud of the 42 seconds yeah painted it on the grill yeah right on the showroom and then you guys came along we were like let’s just test this out and see what we can get it in well we actually didn’t we did not plan to do that the the benchmark was created by pragati they set that 0 to 400 to 0 benchmark during that time we were testing the RS this specific car yeah in Sweden preparing it for the high speed run in Nevada we were doing that during our testing and realized that when Bugatti came out summer we thought well we never we didn’t you know timer if it was it was never a bench that wasn’t a bench I just did it yeah exactly so then we thought well it’s time the 0 the 250 well let’s give it a go yeah and see what it comes out to and lo and behold on crummy tires on a crummy surface which is an airfield in a runway which was you know pitted and old we were able to shave off I think it was three three or four seconds off of Bugattis world initially just an issue like that just trying it out and then you were like we can do better yeah well we thought hey we’re gonna tell the world about this number because it already beats their number so they started rubbing off what wasn’t painted on their grill right that’s what I heard Nevada was the goal there was to conquer the top speed world right when that happened as quickly as it did we thought you know we still have this highway closed off for the rest of the day yeah hey it’s a better surface than where we were at let’s try it again yep and lo and behold we shaved another five seconds off the time down to 33 seconds yes how many of these other Koenig’s eggs could do a similar number theoretically all of them right as the car is 100% stock it has the one megawatt engine upgrade which allows it to run on ethanol which increases it by 200 horsepower the standard engine is 1,100 horsepower and change okay and then with the ethanol upgrade the one megawatt inch and he jumps at 1345 60 30 60 okay this has a 1 megawatt engine but then most of the RS is did offer that option and right so theoretically any of the RS is with that option yep corundum because there’s nothing there was nothing modified we even talked about initially taking the mirrors off but then Christian said nope let’s just run it as a standard introduction cause he did not want to turn the gaps yo and take the mirrors off or do anything to the car that would help give it an advantage I said look you took the mirrors off that might be 2 miles an hour yeah and if you tape the gaps and the seams you know might be it’s a lot you can do right you can completely strip it down but then it’s not a fair race the one that one or is the fastest production car in the world has had nothing done to it in order to win that title correct price-wise what happened to it once it won the world record or set this world record it has gone up considerably the owner hasn’t received you know a lot of office rights yeah yeah and they are substantially what are some of the offers can you tell it’s not that he would accept them necessarily they are they are northward northwards of triple-triple the value of the dimensions of the car what’s the what’s the initial costs that was you know the the cars depending on options came in around 2.3 2.4 million so if my maths don’t know if I can still do maths from high school or primary school that’s what seminar seven a half million dollars around that for this car standing right next to us we talked about zero to four hundred and back down again but we didn’t actually talk about the highest speed right it also broke the record or set that record right 447 kilometres an hour which in miles is 277 278 278 miles per hour so no other car in the world has actually made it to that speed nor the production car no other production cost right exactly you know there’s definitely a distinction that needs to be made because you know there are a lot of lot of guys out there or a lot of companies out there that are going to attempt to break Koenigseggs record right and nothing you know Christian is happy if for them to you know give it a try attempt it so that he can beat them again right right but there’s a distinction because this is a fully homologated smart airbag fully EP ADOT here in the united states certified car yeah it is a 50 state legal car there are other companies out there like the Hennessey Venom f5 SSC arrow that they all want to attempt a speed record to beat the top speed car but none of them are homologous so you can’t just take it from the track straight onto the road and drive it I mean if you say you know that’s correct exactly in all 50 states each car is individually tailored to their customers is yeah you literally choose everything when expecting the car okay you know Dan so there’s no standard kind of thing that rolls officer know to Koenigsegg who will ever be the same because they are individually tailored by their owners right I don’t know if your car has it but my car has flat in the center between the seats it has my name on it can you show us sure go ahead maybe if I can get this is quite wide here isn’t it likewise just all the crafts protection area alright so this is your car Jeffrey and this is the name plug that he was talking about down here and all of this stitching I mean the color here the the pattern of stitching you can choose all of that yeah so you get to choose all of this color stitching the design of the stitching let’s show how we get into a Koenigsegg so there’s a button right here you see this and then you hold that down yep and then window goes down you pull it up this is the wing standard wing on the RS and then you head over to Vader and this is the wing that you opted into you could have had any way we could have essentially done whatever we wanted with the final additions we kind of had the story with the final additions where they were originally gonna be three cars yep one came out in 2016 and it’s in Germany and it’s called a1 of one yeah and that one has the old software so it’s all analog it’s it’s a unique car but there’s not much more in terms of bespoke Ness so we decided to kind of have that as a one-off car and we talked to Christian after the November high-speed run and we convinced him to say hey let’s make a brother brother car pairing where we kind of essentially match them to one another and they tell a story and say this is gonna be the conclusion for the Agera orange line so we almost matched Thor and Vader back to one another so we opted to get the one to one wing and any features that are similar to one another but in terms of this wing it is the one to one wing with a larger wing and play center fin so the ones who want John’s that doesn’t have these no it’s my killer and it does not have this little Center right and the other unique feature to this wing that this is a one-off is this open strut right here that actually was there to represent almost like a skeleton of a watch where you can actually see the movements so this rod will actually flicker back and forth oh that’s cool while this wing that’s active because usually all of that is hidden all of hidden yeah so that was a very unique feature that actually I was most excited about for this car the other unique feature to this car is these little winglets also known as vortex generators these things will create a spiral of wind that go rush through and down through this adding even more downforce you can’t move the seat forward until the car starts which is interesting so in order to qualify to start the car you need to be tall enough and have longer long enough legs otherwise you’re out basically so I can’t ever drive you’ll never be able to drive a Koenigsegg [Laughter] sweet now I can take the roof off feet open every Koenigsegg made every push that and then actually pull down on the lever as well so that’s the front and you have to behind the seat oh yeah you do it pull this guy down bring you back so it’s not too heavy that roof no oh look you roof this is about as much of a Koenigsegg as I can afford and look you can see all this sparkle in here so that’s a special oh sorry Diamond does diamond dust mixed into clear coat it’s actual diamond diamond dust Dan how much was the extra diamond dust several hundred thousand dollars depending on where you put it in the car just for the extra diamond dust in the paint I was like oh look it’s shiny as you can see Donnie and more diamond dust oh my oh my god we’ve got to keep the camera on and I just database the best beer what did he said um so do you want to take the regret Regehr out sorry we can just take it because it’s not yours is that correct that is ha for use I want to join you I want to join you all right so you’re about I’m just about to hop into the Agera RS they have completely different ways of mob driving so the rig era doesn’t have a gearbox just has one driving mode just straight ahead this one does actually have a gearbox and I’ve been driven again so they’re going to teach me how to drive it’s pretty simple honestly it’s like paddle shift up and down we’re gonna go now to Dan’s house javis very smart thank you and say HSS not even warm but it raised here drop down very mechanic who did you like MacLeod opposites myself Wow ya know is the most incredible driving experience of my entire life Wow I love love love it’s this it’s that pop right war when you get it when you’re in a my reps and then you take your foot off the accelerator it pops like nothing else like the higher herbs that we get apart I think as you said in each gear it just keeps giving it’s not like you feel at some point you need to change gears because there’s nothing left to it still more that it will give you he’s going going and going and going there’s so much power behind this park for a fee a sound like it I do I do I sound like a professional vo – oh yeah like cuz you thought you know v8 twin-turbo v8 is like a for a night and it sounds nothing like you are you all right oh look with the keys kept in this one here in the center like that that’s pretty cool that’s a cute key it is cute isn’t it it’s got diamonds diamond dust I am so happy right now and to tell you what an incredible incredible experience to be driving I don’t even know how fast I went fast down the freeway in this beast and I just felt like we could go faster and faster and faster there was no cap there was no limit to this car I’m really happy I think I need one in my life because soon if you like and subscribe one day I’m gonna buy this car and I’m gonna take a couple of you out for a ride I think we should make a promise yeah I think we should make a promise so that we can all experience this together this should be shared this kind of experience and that’s why I’m so thankful to these guys to let me share their toys that’s it that’s the vlog I hope you’ve really enjoyed learning about the car that is the fastest production car in the world and then taking exactly the same model out the Agera RS and driving it around love you please like and subscribe and we’ll see you on the next one oh wow I thought the vlog was over what are we doing this lot now Wow we’re gonna have to come back and cover this yeah separately because there’s just so much going on here

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