World’s Best Tuner Cars Go Head to Head!

World’s Best Tuner Cars Go Head to Head!


Some of the biggest tuning companies in the world have come together to test which of their cars can achieve the fastest speed at the 3km mark. We all convened at the ATP Teststrecke in Papenburg Germany for this epic two day event. The rules are, each car needs to be road legal and run on Continental tires. The winner is the one to reach the highest speed at 3 kilometres, whether or not they can achieve a faster speed before or after this point. Special thanks to Continental tires for sponsoring this video and having me in Germany.For more check out – #continentaltires Hope you enjoy the vid! Thanks for watchingxo Alex

whoa whoa hang on hang on I need to focus what’s up guys at supercar blondie been in deutschland I’m in Germany check this out look at this right here we have some of the biggest tuning companies in the world right here today I’ve flown into Germany just to check out what is about to happen you see all of these cars here ten cars go head-to-head in a race who is going to have the fastest speed at the three kilometer mark now the interesting thing is these are all already fast cars they’re either sports cars or super cars I mean we’ve even got an MC 12 Corsa before we get into too much detail massive thanks our Continental who has brought me out here today because all of these cars that run on continental tires they are tires that you can literally just go down the road to your Continental dealer and buy them they’re not specially made racing tires this is all to push the limits of what a street car can achieve if you haven’t yet subscribed to my channel do it now here are the rules guys right all of these cars they need to be street-legal even this mc12 Corsa has now been converted into a street-legal car this is actually an old racing tire from 30s this is what they used to race with and then you look at this this is the kind of research and development they’ve done on tires for the last 80 years launched just a couple of years ago from Continental this is the sport contact six and I just wanted to invite Denise over actually because she’s from research and development continental come on over rise up so you’re from research and development yes tires correct exciting super exciting run there’s so much in the time yes this is the thing like toys are black and round how much more can you say about them but actually you look at how far they’ve come in 80 years you guys have done crazy improvements how do you think ties are gonna look at from 80 years and now I’m quite certain they’re still black and right yeah probably yeah but I mean are we gonna be looking at toys like double this size it’s like kind of what’s gonna happen you might do a bit on the size but you still need to fit them in the wheelhouse right yeah so and it will have a certain limit it’s not always the bigger the better right because it also gets heavier there is still a development on alternative materials and designs of tires are we looking at super different materials they will be similar to some extent but we get other sources pin you know that we get natural rubber out of Tenderloin out of what dandelions oh that the flower yeah the flowers what really yes you can get it out of the roofs and the great thing is it’s growing here right you don’t have to go to the subtropical area and you can get similar materials out of more sustainable resources the ties 80 years from now are going to be made out of flowers so they’re aiming for speeds of like 360 see what they can do I’m gonna keep showing you around some of the top ones here okay this is a converted Turbo S this is my tech art they do interiors as well as engine tuning this whole hood here custom made in collage carbon-fiber custom exhaust here that adds to the horsepower I just want to show you the interior this is all their own leather and also theses merino wool now they think today they’re gonna be able to get to 350 it’s capped for the road at 340 but it’s not capped here today 350 is the aim but they don’t know if they can get to 350 and 3 kilometers let’s see we can manually move the wing here and also they’ve put a lift in one of 10 that’s what we’re sitting in right now this is number two oh damn that sounds really good doesn’t it whoa these guys are good at what they do hahaha though is fast holy [ __ ] this here gt2 RS this is the second most powerful car here out of a 10 only the r8 has almost power than this so all they’ve done these guys at 9ff they have I swapped out the turbos and they have changed the exhaust and from those two things it’s gone up by 200 horsepower they think they can get to 360 kilometers an hour within the 3 kilometer mark they are one of the likely winners keep an eye on this first time I’m driving a gt2 RS beats this day it’s pretty damn cool I’ve driven cars today that I’ve never driven before and that’s pretty special yeah damn Daniel we’re gonna take a look at the r8 now right this is the car with the most horsepower out of the tents this is Stefan everyone and his company is Austin motors and these guys are the ones who tuned these two Audi r8s generally and Audi r8 has the same engine as a Lamborghini Huracan so just over 600 horsepower around 610 they’ve actually opted that to over a thousand which is crazy this car does not come with any turbos it’s a naturally aspirated v10 so what they’ve done is they’ve added two turbos here what else have you done just take me through a couple of the other steps it’s a portable kit so the engine internals they are still completely standard the transmission standard would just change the dual clutch to two drops and Promax one because there that’s the weakest part on the on the whole drivetrain and we have a charge cooling system we were a big radiator and formed and the really magic thing on the charge cooling system we connected it to the air conditioning yeah so we’re the extra air conditioning circuit and in front in the trunk where we came through down the water went into when the car is standing idle we can cool it down to 10 degree sizes that’s how much does it cost to upgrade your standard r8 to what you’ve got here turbo conversion with to approval for Germany is fifty-nine thousand years yeah and we have another 16 thousand euros for the clutch installed this is a sleeper this is people have no idea what is actually being done to it because you can’t see any majorly upgraded like body kits or anything on the outside so at the lights you take everyone right so you’re getting full power full power a thousand and fifty horsepower there’s a little switch here where you can actually pull it down to 850 everyone stupid we both yep I can confirm it is from about a third gear it’s just like what we should it surprises you at first you like yeah it’s an r8 it’s cool holy it’s not it all right oh my god help not in his roof not even r8 on steroids my God my Harkin does not feel like that that is major people major this is a maze Wow this makes me happy BMW m5 competition this one is done by AC schnitzer they have done the body kit for this the front splitter here the rims you’ve got the AC Schnitzer exhausts and the rear diffuser here these little touches here the wing here and up here from the side skirts and in here they’ve changed out the pedals AC Schnitzer pedals and these little paddle shifts oh they’re cool look how thin they are this morning in terms of engine they have chip tuned it it did have 620 horsepower the standard m5 competition they’ve upped that now to 720 horsepower so that’s like a McLaren 720 yes that’s how much horsepower this empire has its kind of modest this one isn’t it it’s not got a massive wing on the back or massive rear diffuser so you wouldn’t really know straightaway that it has over 700 horsepower uh-oh yeah yeah but hollow look it doesn’t feel as fast as a McLaren seven twenty years because I think one of the reasons is it’s still a sedan right it’s not a very lightweight low to the ground two-seater supercar it’s still a sedan you can have your family in the back but it’s got over 700 horsepower so you can feel that yeah this is actually 0 to 100 in around 3 seconds so this is a boxcar rather we 63s that’s what it was originally and BRABUS has pulled the horsepower up to 800 it was originally 612 horsepower of course bravas isn’t just known for what they can do with engines it’s also about how cool the exterior and the interior awesome bravas Forge rooms here if you take a look inside their interiors are just as cool as the exteriors all of this stitching here they’ve got the red leather behind the black the gray piping you’ve got the bravas here that’s lit up on the side and you’ve got these paddle shifts there’s lots and lots and lots that they do which I really like I love all of this little labeling here as well rob is here and also stitched on the headrest and then they of course have the front spoiler here and they swap out all the Mercedes badges to their own bravas badges BRABUS has managed to cancel the top speed that is limited on Mercedes to 300 kilometers an hour and they’re hoping tomorrow at the 3 kilometer mark to make it to 325 or more let’s take it for a spin ready oh you heard those turbos at the enter new Shh it’s like oh man that was difficult at the beginning it has a little bit of a lag you like you whoever gave them a three out of ten absolutely ten out of ten that just means it’s car number three other Jenna whoa hang on hang on I need to feel that’s awesome Wow this strike guys I’ve never seen anything like it this is so cool if you take a car and drive it in that lane at the top there at 250 kilometers an hour you no longer feel like you’re on a slope like you’re not leaning like this anymore you can drive as fast as your car and tires allow you here so your honor I mean you could be going $400 an hour on this slope all right show us what they can do yes yes yes you always say you always that you can do it you can’t die okay guys I hope you liked the video there’s a nice little surprise at the end oh no they had this on the truck please give us some quick thumbs up on the video we’ve never done anything like this before on the channel so I really really hope that you liked it leave us a comment and please subscribe to my channel thank you so much for joining the supercar on the family I love you guys wherever you’re watching I appreciate you thank you so so much massive thank you to continental tires for bringing me over here one of the best events of the year I’ve had so much fun thank you guys see you soon

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