World’s Coolest Concept Car – Mercedes AVTR

World’s Coolest Concept Car – Mercedes AVTR


This is the Mercedes AVTR, the coolest concept car in the world. This car can crab walk, be driven in both the left and right seats and has a million cool features. Today we show you around why this car is so special and even get to drive it in Dubai. Thanks to @Mercedes-Benz Presenter: @Sergi.GalianoYou can follow Supercar Blondie on:#Mercedes #AVTR #ConceptCar

all right this is one of the craziest cars on the entire planet there’s only one of these in the world we’re taking it to the desert i’m gonna show you around and we’re even gonna get to driving so today’s video is an absolute banger make sure you watch until the end this is the mercedes vision abtr i’m not gonna lie i’m super excited i mean this is the kind of car that when you get the call your your eyebrows go up mercedes called me they were like hey sergey uh you want to do a car review i was like yeah sure they were like it’s the avtr i was like you know it’s one of those kinds of cars this thing is super super special and if you don’t know what this is this thing is basically a clash of the titans between the team over at avatar and mercedes avtr basically stands for avatar it also stands for advanced vehicle transformation first you’ll see that everything here is is completely like lit up it’s glowing right but when you charge it it also changes so when you charge it everything kind of goes inwards this is super cool and at the same time it’s also an indicator like a turn signal so when you want to turn all you got to do is press the button and there it is there’s your indicator i thought i had cool rims and then you see this thing my rims look like a like a little plastic hubcap next to this so the inspiration for this is also from the movie avatar it’s from the seeds of the tree of souls and i’ll be damned if it doesn’t look exactly like the seeds of the tree of souls i mean that is literally it you’ll also see that these don’t look like normal wheels they’re actually spheres and each one of these wheels can turn about 30 degrees and they can each drive separately so what you get is you can drive in different unique ways this thing can literally drive sideways it can drive diagonally obviously in the front what you have is the mercedes-benz logo getting closer right what you’ll see is that you have all these little individual lights that is super cool i mean that that looks like the future all right let’s go around the side you have the glass doors we’ll open them in just a second because first i want to show you the back this is my favorite part of the car what you have are 33 scales mercedes calls these bionic flaps and what they do is they move look at that so now they’ve all turned red when you break it turns red and they all move like this but then when you accelerate they all press forward and turn blue actually even when you’re driving these things will turn with you in different directions and it makes such a satisfying sound oh my god that is super super cool right so again this thing makes the car literally look like it’s alive so when when mercedes calls these bionic flaps obviously bio comes from the greek root word life and bionic is an artificial body part so these are literal artificial scales which make the car look like a creature right it makes it look like like something that is no longer just a vehicle down here you have these subtle lights and the faster you go the faster these lights will actually push you have this awesome tail light going all throughout the entire back and obviously vision abtr vision avatar all right time to go inside so no door handles or anything right well there’s a secret button a little fingerprint scanner see if i can get this right and oh yeah this is so cool you see how it literally looks like a wing insect wings are like transparent that’s kind of what it looks like it’s even got that kind of curved shape it’s super cool super cool all right so take a look at the inside no steering wheel no problem i’ll show you why in just a second but look at this thing look at the inside this looks like a spaceship alright so let’s go step by step first of all these seats are vegan leather so what mercedes has done is they’ve combined luxury with sustainability and even this part it’s actually wood it comes from a tree and some of you guys are thinking like well you cut down a tree for this no actually the root can become invasive if it overgrows so what mercedes does is they get a win-win situation by literally cutting and extracting this wood carefully right before the wood becomes invasive so save some plant life and at the same time you get a super cool little interior this is both the drivers and the passenger seat because you can drive this car from here or from there it doesn’t make a difference because this is both the steering wheel and the brake to accelerate it you push forward to turn the car turn it sideways and you can crab walk it by literally spinning this entire thing we’re driving in a second all right what’s also super cool is at the back seat you see the rear seat that actually arches and becomes the headrest so when i put my hand on here you see that the entire thing comes to life look at that there it is you have a projection oh my god this is exciting that that’s super cool that is super cool yeah you feel like you’re in some sort of like a fairy tale you don’t even feel like you’re on the road you hear that little heartbeat so what this is doing is this is actually scanning my heartbeat and it can actually tell through this scanner and this projector who’s driving the car so it’ll actually adapt to you which is completely crazy all right here it is let’s drive it so first i’m going to pull forward and we’re off wow all right looks like i can i can i can slowly turn it like this look at that we’re crab walking now we are crab walking oh crap walk the other way oh my god look we’re driving towards ludo right now we’re completely crab walking look at this but it’s it feels so strange to be able to be crab walking right now so look so when i turn it left like this when i tilt it we turn like that when i turn right you’ll see we’re turning and when i turn it the other way we’ll start turning the other way forward is accelerate and backwards is to break and you can also reverse um uh that was one of the craziest driving experiences of my entire life no joke i went about 20 kilometers an hour but it was more than enough i mean it was absolutely crazy to drive that thing and actually see a crab walk and everything what do you guys think

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