World’s fastest motorhome sold at a price of Lanos

World’s fastest motorhome sold at a price of Lanos

GMC MotorHome 1976 issue has been on the auction site eBay for only four hours, and the new owner was able to buy a unique camper for mere “pennies”.

Every day someone from our editorial staff will certainly monitor the Internet sites for the sale of used cars in the hope of finding something interesting. This time our attention was attracted by a six-wheel GMC MotorHome 1976 issue. The seller called it “the fastest caravan in the world”, but the starting price was 8 $ 700.

Why are we talking about a caravan in the past tense? He found a buyer in just a few hours. By the time this material motorhome “was sold” for the initial 8 $ 700. However, we felt that a lot worthy of your attention. The movement of the camper results in a 7.4-liter V-shaped “eight” Chevy 454 with electronic ignition system. Motor works in tandem with three-speed automatic Turbo-Hydramatic 425. The dynamic characteristics of mobile homes the seller is silent.

Exterior styling Kemper (airbrushing and giant wing on the roof) – on the fan. And the inside was not too cozy. For the sake of reducing curb weight the previous owner threw out the living area almost all, leaving only a few benches on the sides, a small sink and a hammock over the driver’s seat. However, given the “tasty” price and the fact that the camper (according to the seller, of course) is in perfect condition, we can assume that the new owner incredibly lucky. Look forward to new records in the class “house on wheels”?

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