World’s Fastest Police Boat!

World’s Fastest Police Boat!


Dubai police taught me how to drive the world’s fastest police boat 🙈😱 – this is what it’s like!Special thanks to: Lt. Colonel Ali – Dubai Police – Film Dubai/Dubai Media Office – Download Dubai Police Sail Safely App#DubaiPolice #MyDubai #seasafely

what’s up guys supercar blondie in dubai we’ve got something special for you today this right here this is the world’s fastest police boat let me introduce you to someone special this is lieutenant colonel ali abdullah al-khasib al-nafi however can i call you ali yes it’s okay you’re a champion how cool is dubai police thank you so much so these guys have actually taken the day to bring this boat out especially for us on this channel to be able to see how cool it is so a massive massive thank you to you and dubai police for making this happen it is so cool all right come on board guys this is all carbon fiber so it’s a super super lightweight boat this is usually used in racing series you’ve actually got a two-seater the two-seater like that’s the one that goes and this one they’ve converted into a four-seater just so that they can have two captains and two rescuers in the back so come on in this is rashford mohamed and can we just call you russia here we go all right so uh we’ve got our two pros these guys have been in the police force for quite some time um and ali has actually been in the police force for 30 years right yeah wow how difficult is it to learn how to drive this boat the face was it started in normal boat yes another cause it started you start on the jet ski and then you go up and down yes i was stepping by step coming like this this one not a normal boat because you can’t first returning left or right with the moves also you can control and thinking before to do anything right you just have to do it yes just respond immediately yeah so they even have jet ski to buy police so we’ve also got this boat over there that’s going to help us we’ve got these skies in the emergency jet ski we’ve got another dubai police boat and then we’ve got this the fastest police boat in the world we’ve got two four-stroke 350 horsepower mercury engines that’s what power goes i can’t believe this i’ve got my mask in my hand i have been wearing this all day it’s a little bit difficult to be able to for you guys to be able to hear me if i keep my mask on the whole time so i’ve checked with these guys they constantly get tested none of them have ever been sick i’ve been tested i’m not sick just so you guys know we’re all taking the most precautions that we can so that you know we’re all safe but at the same time i can actually explain things to you and what’s going on there are no seat belts you just have to make it here you might be asking yourself why does define need the most powerful police boat in the world well because dubai has some of the most amazing boats in the world and so they always need to be faster than the fastest privately owned boat in the country because if someone tries to get away from the police they’re like one call and the world’s fastest police vote is on your tail you’ve got no chance this quote was actually gifted to the dubai police by hitaina sheikhand something like this costs around 400 000 so you can hook your feet in here and hold on here so uh uh all right it’s my turn these guys were like um do we have any live insurance so luckily um this whole boat is insured they’re insured and i’m actually just gonna get behind the wheel and see how it’s done okay um expert colonel please yes uh that’s a little bit all right count me down colonel okay okay ready ready go oh my god oh that is so freaking cool um me the colonel was just saying it’s so nice like when they pass other boats when we pass other boats everyone’s like it’s like they love saying hi to the police that’s not like that in every country that’s such a good thing uh uh oh that’s it you guys i hope you liked the vid that was super special for me um and i hope it was awesome for you guys to watch as well i just want to say a massive thank you colonel ali yes thank you so much shukran it was the best day ever and thank you rasheed you’ve been amazing too fantastic and thank you to dubai police that was just anytime all right all right tomorrow same place same time with the dubai police all right that’s it okay subscribe to the supercar blondie family we’ve got so much stuff coming up it’s going to be awesome all right love you guys we’re out i

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