World’s First 4 Seater Hypercar | Koenigsegg Gemera

World’s First 4 Seater Hypercar | Koenigsegg Gemera


This is the first time Koenigsegg Gemera is visiting Dubai!

Special thanks to Al Ain Class –
and Koenigsegg –

Watch my full review with Christian Von Koenigsegg here –

you see this this is a levitating [Music] camera what’s up oh my goodness what’s up guys welcome to the supercar only channel this is christa he is the caretaker of the koenigsegg chimera look at this baby [Music] how incredible is it i freaking love this car a massive thank you to koenigsegg for actually bringing this to dubai to airline class that’s where it’s been living for the last week um just so that we can have a bit of a better up-close look at it the last time i saw this was just static at the geneva motor show now we actually get to drive it how crazy now check this out you see this this is a levitating camera isn’t that mad look i can actually remove this look it levitates where have you seen that before so this is the world’s first four seater hyper car let me take you through it this whole screen controls everything inside i’m just going to press this here for the seats oh that was already up coming forward move it forward all right okay look at this getting in the back seat of a koenigsegg oh man this is actually super super comfy you guys i’ve done a full review on this car you can go and check that out in the link below this vid this is really about seeing this car drive for the very very first time but let me show you very quickly these cool features you see this here this is actually something where you can pull out and break the glass if you need to so that’s a little emergency glass break and you’ve got eight cup holders here four in the back four in the front and each person gets a hot and a cold cup holder now this is a prototype so those cup holders are going to be much bigger plus the seats are going to be a little bit bigger actually and the doors a little bit thinner plus they’re going to be playing around with the start stop button let me show you oh i love this car this start stop button is probably going to be a little bit bigger in the final edition when you move the steering wheel look what happens to the screen actually moves in the direction that you’re steering that is so cool guys this car runs fully on renewable energy so you can actually source energy from a volcano to run this car isn’t that incredible now what i love about this car is number one these doors are so massive that you can actually access both the front seats and the back seats with one door i love that and just to show you how much room this hyper car has christa will you do the honours can you get in the back seat yeah i’m the one right and your health totally 190. 119. yes wow and see the space here it’s amazing that’s crazy and i’ve got the the driver’s seat fully back i wouldn’t even drive in this position i’d probably drive in let me pull this forward like this position yeah and then you see here it’s like lots of room back there that’s crazy all right this is called the jumeirah and jumeirah actually means to give more in swedish all right so what they mean by that is you get so much more space in this car right so you’ve got three full sized carry-on bags here in the back and you have around the front as well guys room here as well for a carry-on bag so you’ve got four in all in a four-seater hyper car it’s a two-liter three-cylinder engine you think what why why is it only three-cylinder why isn’t it a v12 this and that christian actually has a really good reason for that christian when i refer to him he’s actually the ceo and founder of koenigsegg he’s got a three-cylinder engine but he also has three electric motors those three are placed here one two and three and between all of that you actually get 1700 horsepower isn’t that absolutely insane now i asked him before why he didn’t just go fully electric because so many hyper cars are just fully electric coming to the market in the next few years and he said he wanted sound of course right so you’ve got these beautiful exhaust pipes here mounted on the top and he said i could not at this point go fully electric because i wanted to hear the raw the cylinders are much much bigger in this engine so they’re going to make more of a like a a pop and a growl right or a grunt or however you would like to describe it massive thank you to alain class motors here in dubai for actually making this happen they brought this car over from sweden to dubai also to christian from uh koenigsegg thank you so so much and also to krista as well the caretaker of the car thank you guys bye [Music] you

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