World’s First $6m Bugatti Divo Start Up!

World’s First $6m Bugatti Divo Start Up!


I get a close up look at the $5.8m Bugatti Divo. The Head of Exterior Design, Frank Heyl at Bugatti, the man responsible for the look of this car takes me through his incredible design. I am one of the only people to sit inside the car.Special thanks to @lennykeinkravitz for the video footage in Germany!Follow me on:Music by:Miso Mama – Global Genius

in order to get a Devo you have to buy a shear on one side supercar blondie I’ve got my hands on the Devo there are only 40 of these made and it’s actually doubled the price of the Shiro the key to the diva Wow okay so I let the skinny imagine owning one of these how that would feel thank you thank you of course I’m not going to touch anything I’m gonna be yes oh you’re the designer oh look at that just found the designer of the Devo perfect what’s your name sorry Frank Frank nice to meet you Frank Oh Frank I’m gonna be super careful don’t worry I’m not wearing anything that’s going to scratch anything you’re sitting in the only Deewar in the world that’s the only Devo in the world whence the second one gonna come come out we’re prototyping right now yeah so the first real production car will be later on this year and do you know where that’s going the first one o do many secrets so just to take a look here so that you can see these paddle shifts are longer they’re bigger so that when you’re turning you can easily grab ahold of them and shift when you’re mid turn other than that you guys have just basically stripped this down because of course this is a more sporty addition of the car everything is focused on more lightweight materials ok ok cool so let’s take a look around the outside because of course you’re more proud of the design features on the out the exteriors aren’t you ok let’s take a look this is how you get out of a Devo without scratching it everybody because no one’s allowed in here I’ve been handed the key it’s a very special moment and I’ve got to get out of here without touching anything it’s like playing that doctor game you know where you can’t touch the outsides it buzzes you how am i doing okay I didn’t touch anything why is it important to you that we look at the car from the side but first of all we said that we wanted to keep three main ingredients to make it look like a Bugatti that are on every part in everything else it’s a complete mental sighs I’m one of those would be bursting nature one would be the signature line new interpretation much slimmer profile makes the car look lower even though it is the same place in the shoe yeah the horseshoe grille in the front okay so that’s the second one that you want in center line accentuation with an actual new arrow device on the rear which is the spin I want to explain the air comes in through here got this piece here grabbing and pulling the wind through here right and that goes over the engine bay here and they didn’t want the wind circulating around this whole area is what they’ve done is they put this divider here so that the wind just flows beautifully from front straight to back and I knew everything that you see in blue is for function and everything you see in gray or the silver color is perform it’s for design though function that that’s interesting that you say that because the the driver’s seat it’s in blue too you see this kind of to face yeah passenger is more for design reason so you got to get a good-looking passenger and you as the driver is there for function you are there to drive so you’re in blue so that’s quite an interesting split steering wheel the top part is gray meaning it’s only for design purpose no you just removed that yeah yeah so you don’t really need the top part of the steering room it’s not there for function it’s you’re in blue it’s just funny that you mentioned this yeah in the design process we did have a steering wheel and had no time it was cut out of the whole development but it’s funny that you say that is that and why do you need to put it on is that a regulation a safety regular no we found out that just in the ergonomics and the handling of the car you need either square so that’s something that is close to actually it’s more difficult when you don’t have a full wheel to grab if you’re in a racing car and you have very limited luck then there’s a different story but in a real car that you actually have to maneuver around the garage it’s much more handy to have a steering Oh so if you haven’t seen what’s happened I’ve just had my Lamborghini wheel designed and there’s no top so I don’t think I’m gonna go to survive that but very long you see these kind of boomerang shaped yes time running lights those are meant to capture oh yeah and the actual hidden in this okay the headlights are a massive difference from the sheer on you know this year on headlights they kind of diamond that twinkle and sparkle this is just look around the outside here and it makes them look wider which I suppose that centers thank you you wanna switch lights at the very outer corners and over two liters wide yeah it really gives this impression of width it is you know a dominating force when you see these headlights come up to not behind you in the rear I’m coming around when the Sheerin got to the states in order to comply with road standards they had to shove this ugly back bumper on the Sheeran right now I just asked is that going to happen to the Devo and Frank has said no so let’s just have a look at the back this back is going to stay as is for the US market because they’re going to have approximately ten DeVos in the States what they can do because there are so few of these cars coming into the States they can go under a different category of show and display so it means that they won’t have to put this bumper on the back of the car which i think is quite important the other thing is in order to get a Devo you have to buy a Shira so you cannot just buy this car now a lot of customers came to the Guardian said we desperately want the debug how can we get the diva and they said not that easy do you own a Sharon no ok we’ll buy sheer on first and then we’ll talk and so a view of these customers have had to go through the whole process of spec’ing out there Sheeran’s and buying one of those just to get an allocation for this car which is just crazy the typical owner of a Devo would have about 40 cars in their collection already so this is really just a special car obviously not to be driven all the time it’s never gonna run up the kind of mileage even that a sheer on would run up and that is the Devo I hope you’ve liked the video please give me a quick thumbs up and subscribe to my account because I have got some crazy videos coming out you haven’t yet seen my video on the love go to Noir go check it out the link is in the bio right here right here in the description click it because that is a one off the body

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