World’s First Maserati With Butterfly Doors | MC20

World’s First Maserati With Butterfly Doors | MC20


This is the brand new Maserati MC20. It’s currently the first one in the world. They’ve completely redesigned it from previous Corvette models, moving the engine from the front to the middle of the car. It now has a very Supercar look, and specs, with 630 horse power and 0-100 in 2.9 seconds! What do you guys think of the new direction Maserati is going in?

maserati with butterfly doors what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie here in dubai and i have something super special for you this right here look it’s the maserati mc20 here in real life oh my goodness first time i’m seeing it in real life so a massive thank you to maserati for bringing this car over from italy so we can have a better look through it i’m so excited about this and a massive thank you to altair motors for actually making this happen bringing it to me here in dubai so let’s have a look around first impressions guys i you know when i first saw this i said i wish there was a bit more drama but now that i’m seeing it in real life i’m actually quite impressed i think it looks beautiful so you’ve got a redesigned maserati trident here okay and that trident is going to be featured now on all future maseratis and here in the headlights i really like this detail here look you’ve got the little maserati written here while this is still kind of a prototype in some ways what it does have is the exact engine that the production mc20 will have so come around with me you’ve got it here mc20 maserati corsa 2020 that’s what that stands for and right here you guys is what we’re working with so this is a twin turbo v6 and this produces about 630 horsepower what you’re looking at guys is the car that has been actually tested on the track this is the real deal and we’re going to hear it we’re going to rev it and see what this mc20 is going to sound like what’s up what’s up what’s up surgeon what’s up so um i’ve been wanting this this looks absolutely crazy so much better it’s like the mc20 is here oh my god i’m coming jail yeah i know you think i was gonna wait upstairs seriously i was like wow so what i think is super cool about this you guys and the first thing i want to really emphasize is this is the first time maserati has butterfly doors i know oh maserati with butterfly doors how cool is that you guys that’s what you want to see on a supercar right doesn’t that just give it that’s like next level that is this is the sickest smartest rider i’ve ever seen yeah yeah yeah yeah but this one is like wow grandchildren has a similar front with the grill kind of going inwards yes so there’s some similarities in design to the gran turismo actually more so around the back if we come around the back there’s a little bit of a gran turismo vibe but instead it’s kind of squished so the headlights instead of being bigger they’ve kind of been squished and elongated along the back of the the car which i think looks great and i’m actually way more impressed by it here in real life did you show them this the maserati yeah i love this design detail you guys instead of just having air vents you know in a line or whatever what they’ve done is they’ve made it in the shape of the trident which i love that is awesome when you picture a maserati it’s usually the engine in the front right and you’ve got a boot at the back what they’ve done is they’ve actually kind of flipped it flipped it and reversed it i put my thing down flip it and reverse it and so just like was that your like attempt at like wrapping yeah that was like that sounded like uh missy elliot or something that won’t happen again sorry about that this is a new era for maserati they are going for mid-engine cars now so let’s have a look at what we’re working with get the key out when you open the boot you’ve got a little trunk space here in the back so what they’re what they’re saying is in their class category right this is the best power to weight ratio yeah i mean i don’t really care about that stuff but it looks really cool it looks really cool and let’s be honest most people don’t they just want something that looks cool and sounds great and this is it so this is the only only mc20 in the world okay this is still kind of a prototype that is being showcased around the world i’m very lucky to have my hands to get my hands on it today in dubai so just ignore kind of things like this because it’s still like a work in progress come look at this guys this kind of blue and black interwoven here that’s beautiful and this is super cool this is how you open the door with a door button yeah super cool hey do you want to pop in the yeah actually considering buying one of these what do you reckon search absolutely got the surge tick of approval okay so it’s just it’s this easy put on the break start stop button all right all right give it a little rev so we can hear what it sounds like what’s it sound like back there all i can hear is turbos yeah yeah yeah i like that this is actually your first time in 22 years that maserati is building their own engines they actually used to borrow them from ferrari so here is your steering wheel with the start stop button on the left and then launch control on the right the all-important launch control button you’ve just discovered yours in the x6 yeah but i have to press like five buttons this is just like lost yeah that’s what i love about that now this here is actually your drive mode selector so you can switch that around to the left and the right it’s interesting it looks like it looks like a watch a little bit it looks uh it’s it’s it’s i’ve never seen anything no that’s different to any other drive mode selector i’ve seen and there’s a button in the middle there’s a button we love buttons that one’s for the suspension so you can adjust the suspension now obviously drive or you can flick it into manual if you want and to use the pedal shifters here on the steering wheel which are in this beautiful carbon fiber these guys they flap but they curve in with the cabin which i have i mean you’ve seen more supercars than i have but i’ve never seen that in the supercar that’s beautiful so this is actually magnetic too just usually it’s a button that’s cool yeah pretty cool you like it let me try oh that feels nice it does i like that just while you drive you can just do it all the time and it breaks literally like you want to break in two seconds so you just it’s like one of those fidgety things that you do for fun like i would do that all the time interior wise you’ve got this little floating screen which is quite nice and if we turn it on again maserati logo comes up except and this is all touch screen so that’s really nice look at this i’ve never seen that in a supercar ah very cool no i haven’t seen that in the supercar either so you can use the normal mirror or you flick that up and you’ve got the digital one so that is awesome so i like how they’ve actually gone for some some tech in this car they’ve not just fully stripped it down yeah yeah like it’s comfortable as well how do you feel is pretty comfortable i like it a lot oh i think i need to buy this car yeah i think you should too oh i really like it yeah i like it oh mad okay should we go over drive let’s do it let’s do it oh holy moly this is awesome feels super light oh i love this oh now i understand what they were talking about with the power to weight ratio i cannot wait to actually really get a hold of one of these that i can push because i would love to feel that power with such a lightweight car okay where does this sit in the whole supercar spectrum right yeah this is about the same price category as your lamborghini hurricane evo your mclaren 720s your f8 tributo from ferrari it’s about 250 000 that’s the starting price but what’s cool is like this it’s kind of has the same uh output as well like the same specs so 2.9 seconds 0-100 that’s the same as my 720s um and also the horsepower 630 horsepower is exact same as the hurricane evo i mean i think it it looks amazing i mean at that price range i think this is one of the nicest looking cars would you buy this over for example a mclaren 720s you know actually maybe yeah i i like the shape of it so much i think that visually to me this is okay perfect so you think if i brought my 720 s up here next to it that you would choose well you’re just completely pimped out okay see for me if this car was 200 000 i’d be like hands down i would buy it 250 i’m in the let me think about a little bit more zone so how good are you at negotiating hey guys can you give me 50 grand off they’re like no no guys what do you think should i get one is it worth it two hundred fifty thousand dollars just comment put you put your comment down below they’re actually gonna make this petrol version right but they’re also gonna make a convertible version and an all-electric version so i’m excited to see the all-electric version as well i think it that’s it i think we’re out let’s do it we’ll catch you on the next vid love you guys bye

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