World’s First Person To Drive THE DEVEL SIXTEEN

World’s First Person To Drive THE DEVEL SIXTEEN


Crazy moment when I’m handed the keys to drive the Devel Sixteen! Apart from the manufacturers, I’m the first person to drive this incredible car. This Hypercar is going in to production next year with three models, ranging from a 2000HP V8 to a 5000HP V16 Quad-Turbo!Thank you to the creators – The Al Attar Brothers for letting me test it.Follow me on:Manufacturer/Creators Instagram:@devel_sixteen / @dubai_alattar / @dubai39 / @dubai37Emma – @missemmawalsh

come on what’s up at Subic Avanti I’m here in Dubai and I’m at the world’s tallest hotel I’m getting one of the most unique cars in the world delivered right here some people even say this car doesn’t exist but it’s right in there it is real that was quick it’s real it’s here in Dubai and I’m going to be the first person in the world to drive the devil 16 apart from the manufacturers I’m going to be handed to keep very first I can’t believe it we’re gonna take this baby out what a gift like 10,000 birthdays today this is saying hi I’ve ever seen never seen something with this design anything like this before hey I’ve got the king sixteen now this interiors going to look a little bit different once it goes onto the market next year they’re still in testing phase but this is a fully functioning car at this point let’s turn her on and first of all see how the devil 16 sounds ready you want to go around the back there’s absolutely mad that sounds so aggressive I don’t know what it sounds like back there almost I’d hear the whole thing my ears my god that is crazy okay so it’s going to sound a little bit more aggressive actually a lot more aggressive once it goes to market they’re gonna have three different versions of this car the first one’s got 2000 with a v8 engine the second one has about 3,000 horsepower with a V 16:1 turbo and little too and then this the third version he’s gonna have 5,000 horsepower that doesn’t even compute like how to drive a car with my past a lot of the reason why the car is so long is because they need to fit in a v16 engine they’re only going to build seven of these models per year and this part is designed here in Dubai we’re going to meet the three three brothers who own this company and who have designed this car from scratch it’s designed here but it’s going to be built manufactured in Texas in America a lot of this interior it’s going to look different from when it actually comes out the steering wheel shape is going to be very similar to this but it’s going to look obviously quite different from how it looks right now there are a few different features that they’re going to keep this centre – and then once the car is turned on you can see that this is the camera so you can see behind the car because there’s no window here instead of having left and right outside mirrors I’ve actually got a camera here to show you what’s happening on the right of you and also a camera here to show you what’s happening on the left what they want out of this is beautifully like you’re in a Rolls Royce when you’re sitting inside because it’s and then only outside her to look sleep at the moment now has a test engine in it it is fully drivable you know a loader back on the truck and go and test a in the desert because here there are too many cars you can really test the car and it’s super low right the moment it doesn’t have a lift at the front but they will be over on in one is ready for market four fingers Guinness World Record that’s pretty cool how does that make you feel happy yeah 181 yeah a massive achievement yeah and now you go from building the world’s tallest hotel to starting to produce the world’s most powerful deduction card this is what we are targeting yeah we are three brothers I am Margit and we have Russian and Mohammed so we are crazy about the person when we create the design of the car really the car should look like a jet fighter this is our aim and when we come up with the design and we create the actual car no v8 country it give you that much horsepower right so we thought we’d create our own engine the actual car which you can be tested the 5000 and can be driven and seeing it’s going to be next year next year yeah hopefully in February the current car the white actually it doesn’t have that the waste engine which is the 5000 hot sauce part the first one on the market isn’t going to be the one with 2,000 or 3,000 horsepower it’s gonna be straight to the 5,000 it straight to the 5,000 horsepower which really can be driven and we’ll be testing the top speed acceleration you mean orbiter in English made in acceleration yeah yeah yeah okay good yeah shake on it [Laughter] okay so all the cars would be built in Texas USA yeah do you have an indication of how much this costs yeah for the v8 version is going to start from 1.6 million dollar and three thousand horsepower which is v16 quad turbo it is like almost like a 1.8 million dollar and then the five thousand 2.2 million dollar well it’s like I’m so excited what is about to happen is we’re about to take this baby out on the roads and I am going to be the first person in the world other than the three brothers and to drive this car what I wish my Park so that we can go drive this baby yeah by the way she just appeared by the way hmm I said we’ve got the coolest car in the world she said I’m jumping on a fly it’s on a plane I’m on a plane I’m here she arrived a few hours ago and here we are in the desert get excited no only me okay I’m excited I get it so we’re gonna upload the car and then test it on this road this road is amazing I’m ready there’s no flying under the radar with this pup okay let’s go it is my I can’t quite believe it face there’s two honking Bubba ah sooo you can wear a wedding dress in here and still drive this car I mean they say that the engine coming next year is going to be much louder than this I say this amount of noise is already crazy you can hear it so well screaming down there it was so smooth I was expecting it to be a little bit more armed I mean it’s really low to the ground which I really love because it means you can feel the road but I thought it’d be a little bit more like Rocky because it’s so close to the ground but it’s actually really really smooth I just think it’s super special to be driving something that looks so incredibly different and being a part of something that is looking to the future you know I always get excited about cars that are unique and that have vision and that are trying to push the boundaries and do something different and that’s what these guys are doing and you know you can say it’s not gonna happen and be a naysayer and beast cynic about it all but if no one actually tried to push these boundaries we wouldn’t have the cars the incredible cars that we have to on today’s roads and I just can’t wait to see when this actually fully is rolled off the production line with the engine the v16 that’s gonna have in it which is crazy and then I’ll just see how different the interior is as well when that actually comes out but to be part of this journey and be part of the first steps towards something so great is so exciting so I just want to say a big big thank you to all the brothers Rashid Majid and Mohammad you guys Rock thank you so so much thank you to you I hope you’ve enjoyed the video please like the video right now give me a thumbs up hit the thumbs up button and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already if we’ve got so so much more cool stuff coming I just keeps coming it keeps coming and that’s all we have for today we’re going to watch the sunset and have the devil 16 in front of sunset as it goes down for today and I’m just going to stand here and go well what an experience thank you guys so much love you thanks for watching

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