World’s Most Affordable High Tech Car | Hyundai Azera

World’s Most Affordable High Tech Car | Hyundai Azera


This is the first time I’m reviewing a Hyundai on my channel. I saw it and knew I had to share this with you guys. Check out all its cool features. xo AlexThanks to @hyundaiuae_

how relaxing is this it actually sounds like rain is hitting the car how cool these headlights guys look they’ve got little diamonds here in the front and that continues all the way across the grill and then the indicators come on here as well this is the hyundai azera welcome to the supercar blondie channel usually you would not see a hyundai on my channel but when i saw this car i was like do you know what this car is epic it has some really really cool features and i need to cover it for you guys all right there’s this cool button here on the key fob it says hold now watch this all right i’m just gonna unlock lock twice and then hold that down watch this it turns on my way i love that because you do not get that in supercars it gets even cooler you guys i never knew i’d like a hyundai so much look at this interior look at these beautiful ambient lights here and you can change all of these i’ll show you that in a sec but what is even cooler is this i’m going to change the mode wow sports mode did you see how cool that is i really get to see a display change that cool look what happens when you put it in reverse these lights here you see them three little lights on either side they are not digital they are actually there at the back of the car oh wow yeah they’re coming from there nice exhaust place by the way yeah that’s sick that’s cool right so it actually shows pedestrians where the car is reversing in what direction and like how far away from the car you need to stand to be safe all right now the coolest thing to come serge come and pop in the passenger seat with me jump in i’m just going to open the uh sunroof all right now i’ve never seen this before you guys i was like we’re all like what no oh my god that’s so cool sounds of nature press that take a moment to appreciate the calm sea waves it’s like surround sound then how relaxing is this it actually sounds like rain is hitting the car you even have the sound of like sitting in a cafe if you really miss that sound that’s probably for coronavirus everyone’s like i really miss banging out with my friends and i go this is my favorite it’s my absolute favorite the other crackles from the fireplace and there’s a storm overhead listen to this if i was driving i’d just constantly listen to this what do you reckon surge i think you can even feel the fire and then what you can do is you can put this red so it does feel like a fire red now we’ve got a sizzling fire all along the front oh i’m loving this this is so nice you got 64 different colors you guys look at how that changes watch what happens when i turn this turn signal on so the indicator goes down left and you have the mirror the side well the side view camera comes up to show you what’s happening in the lane next to you because that’s where you want to go you want to go left and then if you turn the right indicator on the right side um mirror or camera comes on to show you what’s happening in that lane and i’ve never seen that before and that is freaking cool i actually really appreciate all of the tech in this car you know i love my supercars because they’re very um they’re they’re beautifully made beautiful stitching and the leather is top quality and and they’ve taken years to perfect and they’re so powerful and it’s a real experience driving a supercar but when i get in a car like this i’m like what supercars like don’t have any of these features this is like super high tech to me oh and then it has that and then it has that and then look at these big screens here as well you guys massive big screens i’m just really loving the tech in this so the price is um just over 30 000 for this and yeah to get all of this tech in a 30 000 car is actually i think quite impressive we literally just saw it and went you know what i need to share this with you guys share it with the supercar blondie family because it’s something a bit different and it has some really cool features to put it in drive you just got this little nice little button here put that in drive and we’re in sports mode look at these rims guys i actually really like the design of them as well all right pop in let’s go for a drive see what it feels like to drive first thing we’re going to do is test the 0 to 100 because you know i like doing that okay this is flat out okay all right guys yeah doesn’t excite me that much um look i have to keep coming back to the fact that this is not a three hundred thousand dollar car this is a thirty thousand dollar car so um zero to 100 is about seven and a half seconds it’s probably about four times slower than what i like and not a lot happens like just watch this i’ll put my foot down it makes a lot of noise but it doesn’t really go very fast but that’s okay there are so many other things i appreciate about this car and i knew the speed and the power wasn’t going to probably be one of those um this has 285 horsepower and it has a 3.5 liter v6 engine but you know i don’t think someone gets it i don’t think someone gets a car like this just to go fast in you know it’s more of a cruiser get around town everything works this everything’s updated tech wise and it’s comfortable it shows you the blind spot which is great um so yeah maybe i would get used to using it i just think maybe out of habit i would keep looking that way to that side mirror but um with all this new technology it’s just a case of getting used to it and what it feels like hit the thumbs up button on this video do it right now before you forget subscribe to my youtube channel that is it you

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