World’s Most Expensive Low Rider – Maybach GLS 600

World’s Most Expensive Low Rider – Maybach GLS 600


This is the first SUV from Maybach. It has the coolest suspension trick ever! I absolutely love the white interior and all the features. This one is fully specced out… come check it out with me guys xo

this is so cool it’s like a low rider maybach but the difference with this one is this low rider costs 260 thousand dollars wow that is so freaking cool you guys this is actually a special suspension you can buy that as an optional extra and it’s called e-active body control and what that means is basically when you’re off-road it has such incredible suspension that you’re not gonna feel anything now look at this you have a fully integrated step that comes out for you to be able to get into the car this car isn’t even that high but because it is so luxurious the maybach brand they thought you know what i don’t want anyone stepping higher than they should have to let me just put in an extra little step here so i get in very delicately how crazy you might have seen that on the 4×4 g-wagon right it has a similar step that comes out but the difference with this one is look you cannot see it now it’s fully integrated here into the body of the car so you’d have no idea that that was actually a feature of this car until it comes out right what are we looking at we are looking at the mercedes maybach gls 600. this is the first ever maybach suv and what’s also a first you now have the mercedes logo or emblem on top of the hood it’s usually integrated down here in the grill now with this one they really want to go for that very sophisticated kind of pinstripe suit look and so you’ve got this grill here that has these kind of pin stripes going all the way down with the chrome accents and then if you would like for an optional extra there are lots of optional extras on this car so the price goes up but these babies right here these are 23 inch wheels standard comes 22 inch but if you upgrade you get these and these rims match the pinstripe look on the front now also if you would like this dual tone you see here it’s like a a beautiful silver and then it’s got this gorgeous like cream color if you want that that’ll cost you an extra 25 000 just for the jewel tone isn’t that mad you got the beautiful maybach logo there on the side you’ve got here on the exhaust this little stripe here in the middle is like a maybach thing that’s what you can recognize then on the exhaust pipes as they come out the gls 600 and this is where the action is right in the back seat this is really like a chauffeur driven car the vip sits right here okay now let me show you how beautiful is this interior first of all okay before i show you all of the coolest features this has gorgeous white nappa leather everywhere how pretty is that i love white leather interiors i just think it makes everything look so sophisticated and so kind of futuristic you know like a spaceship i love this this is the supercar blondie channel if you haven’t yet subscribed do that right now hit that button and like the video this right here okay press this front seat moves forward back seat i start to lean back and my foot rest goes up and now i’m in the ultimate vip relaxation position and i’ve got my little cushion and you can actually order more cushions if you would like to you know because if one cushion isn’t enough could like get 10 or 20 in here you’ve also got like a beautiful little cushion already stuck to the head rest champagne flutes that’s where they sit and you have a full fridge and this fridge is so big that you can actually fit a full-size champagne bottle this thing is like fully loaded you guys so the starting price of this is about 190 000 this one is 80 000 more so it’s got like all of the options here and it gets delivered to you like this look at all of this that you can control hot relaxing back or you can have a hot relaxing shoulder active workout hello you can sit here and lose calories ambient lighting so you can change all of this and what’s so beautiful is you see this yes and then red so you’ve got this whole wheel here that you can change and what i love is this it runs all the way across here across here across the side of the door here around here this is quite nice it’s like a little cave around the back here of your headrest all the way around so you’re kind of like in a little in a little ambient lighting cave you’ve got wireless charging here which is good it’s quite like center and you can easily just pick up your phone from here you have champagne holders pop your champagne glasses in there that’s nice this is also a hot and cold drinks area there we go all right now let me get in the driver’s seat got so much more to show you look at that oh i love that just look how massive this screen is straight the style now in a lot of newer cars is the big curved led screen but i don’t mind this being straight actually in this car i think it’s quite nice another cool thing is for optional extra more cash you can actually make this car smell like new all the time with this this is your fragrance what it smells like is leather which is always good we always want our car to smell like leather and spicy tea i don’t know i reckon it might smell pretty good you got this gorgeous steering wheel here you’ve got the black on the top and the bottom and the nappa leather here on the sides i quite like that you can actually get this in wood you’ve got these handlebars here they’re really focusing on making it as smooth as possible when you’re off-roading i just don’t know when you would ever take this car off-roading that confuses me if i wanted to go off-roading in the desert i just wouldn’t take a mercedes maybe it’s just two locks it just doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense start stop button here all right close your door there what you can do is you press this right here and you can switch the modes right that’s where you can bounce up and down in that mode if you switch it into maybach this makes the ride as smooth as possible for your passengers now what i thought was quite interesting is in real terms that means that when you take off from the lights you actually take off in second gear so there’s no immediate jerkiness between the first and second gear for the passengers and also it makes sure that that spot in the back there doesn’t move so you can be in the front going up and down feeling the bumps you can feel the potholes and the speed bumps and everything else but in the back you don’t curve that’s quite cool as well so what that does is when you’re going into a curve with the car it feels like you’re on a motorbike because it leans into that curve so with the suspension it will actually lean on one side further i’ve experienced this before and it actually feels really really cool you can literally feel it it’s not like a subtle thing now what’s nice here on the front is you’ve got all of these rose gold touches personally i would like to see less of the chrome look and more of the rose gold because that is a maybach feature so for example instead of this being you know a silver chrome look you can have this in rose gold or you could have this here in rose gold that would be quite nice i think okay thanks let’s go for a drive start stop alrighty hello felt quite nice that was quite good actually four liter v8 guys with almost 560 horsepower this one i wouldn’t want to be driving i’d want to be in the back seat because the back is just so luxe what it also has is eq boost so it’s got about 20 horsepower from an electric battery and that basically will give you an immediate boost if you need to pass someone in traffic or on the highway that’s it guys i hope you liked my review of the all-new gls 600 mercedes maybach the first ever maybach suv alright make sure to subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already yet and turn on those notifications a massive hello to my notifications gang and a massive thanks to mercedes all right it’s green let’s go you

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