World’s Most Expensive Saloon | Lagonda Taraf

World’s Most Expensive Saloon | Lagonda Taraf


This is the $1 million Lagonda Taraf. When it first came to market, it was more expensive than two brand new Rolls Royce Phantoms! Today, it’s lost some of that value, with this particular one being listed at around $600,000. There were only 120 of them made to celebrate 100 years of Aston Martin. Lagonda is Aston Martin’s premium luxury brand. Thoughts guys?This car is for sale at

you get your key and you push your key in and that starts up the car hi guys what’s up it’s supercar blondie here back in dubai i have got something super special to show you right here this is the most expensive sedan ever made you might have been thinking oh it’s definitely a rolls royce like a phantom or something like that it is not the price of this car when it came out between 2014 and 2016 was 1 million dollars 1 million for a sedan you guys just to put that into perspective you could actually buy two top of the range like fully specced out rolls royce phantoms or the lagonda tariff this car is based on an aston martin db9 and a repeat the taraf actually means in arabic ultimate luxury they built 120 of these models for the middle east region and they hand selected shakes that’s royalty you’ve got very very exclusive aston martin preferred clients getting on that list we’re here at tamini classics in dubai that’s where you’re going to see this beauty in this showroom here now come look at these guys this here is not an aston martin badge this is actually a lagonda badge now lagonda is owned by aston martin lagonda is actually their most luxury brand aston martin acquired lagonda over 70 years ago this one here the lagonda giraffe was actually made to celebrate 100 years of aston martin so when you see this badge right here you know oh this is the premium aston martin like even more premium than aston man one of the reasons why this was worth one million dollars is because they only made 120 of this model now if you just look at the size of it this is really a major part of its design i mean it is massive it is super long and it gives it this very sleek stylish look i mean even just from here to the back just look how long that is all the way around the back here i actually really like the back this is beautiful see these lights here i see this now in for example the bugatti devo how they individually come out like that i really think this is beautiful and just to consider guys this actually came out the concept of this car came out 11 years ago and then six years ago we saw this exact design on the roads and i think this is really very beautiful and is still very timely even six years on isn’t that gorgeous all right that pops up and you get your own lagonda branded umbrella which is really nice super beautiful quality but doesn’t make a whole lot of sense seeing as this car was made for the middle east and it hasn’t rained here in months come around the front let’s check out what it looks like if this were behind you on the street this is what you would see so you’ve got these beautiful lights here and i love this massive grill i always say this about aston martin’s but the bigger the grill the more it looks like a whale shark in my mind it just looks so aggressive and so cool i really really like this grille it’s so big and it’s so beautifully integrated into the lights here it’s just one panel now what i would be disappointed by is the fact that this car now is not worth nearly that much now this one here at tamini classics is going for about five hundred and ninety thousand dollars and guys this has a six liter v12 engine and it pumps out about horsepower so that is what’s under the hood you’ve got the beautiful lagonda sign here on the wheels this here is very cool you see these lights integrated in the silver panel this is actually the indicator light so instead of having the indicator light here for example that’s where you see it a lot now they’ve integrated it here on the side which i think is a really nice feature here in the middle they’ve actually got another panel of glass running down here and that is just so that they wouldn’t have had to put metal or plastic in between these two windows so they wanted to try and make it more sleek with that panel there um sure why not i mean it’s okay all right now key time look i’ve got a little pouch love a little pouch draw that out and we have the beautiful not aston martin logo but lagonda logo push in window comes down if you release it window goes back up you could play around with that but days couldn’t hear all right open her up and look this door is actually like a miniature butterfly door do you see that it’s actually called like a swan hinge so it comes up just slightly and you see that on all aston martins this slight incline here and that’s so you don’t ruin the door if there’s a kind of a high ledge next to you now guys you are seeing the interior for the very first time of the most expensive sedan in the world first thing that i notice is this beautiful stitching i have to say i am in love with this stitching this is beautiful and look at all the leather look you’ve got alcantara here on the roof and this is all hand stitched as well everywhere you look you see leather and that is something that i love generally about aston martin’s but also of course with lagondas they take that one notch up from that this is where the driver sits but it’s actually like a chauffeur-driven car right so we’ll close that up and show you the back seats all right here it is the back seats of the most expensive sedan in the world come around come around couple of features they’ve thought about here the first thing is this you see here the roof is lower at the front and then it goes up in the back and that’s to provide more headroom for the passengers which is quite a nice little feature you’ve got a fridge here so you can open that up like that and you can fit in two full-size bottles close that this is just your standard armrest but look what happens when you push it up like this it is actually weighted and it just tucks in very quietly and very smoothly so if you do the same on the way down just pull that and then it’ll go all the rest of the way down very quietly and very smoothly to rest there in the middle of you which is really nice now you might have noticed these babies these are old ipads because this is an older car it actually came with these little clip on parts right here in the back of the seat so you could clip in new ipads if you wanted to i’m sure but of course this has been owned for a couple of years now and so they’ve got the old ipads even though this was made for the middle east region they did end up selling this car in other regions except for america you can only get this car specially registered in america as a show car look at these guys never seen this before in a car it’s actually got magnets there to pull it towards the panel what is it for you grab this and you pull yourself out with it and actually really helps it really does now i’m getting on in age you know i want that in every car how about in my mclaren just like i really like this i like it you don’t have to use your thighs at all oh killer absolute killer getting out of some of these cars you actually have to work out your thighs i like it because you don’t have to work out at all here is your center console for the back passengers and they’re just a very few buttons here these to control the lights you’ve got your air vents here and you can turn the ac on this car is so lacking in like updated technology this is the only fun you can have in the back seat wow imagine your kids back here just playing with that all the time oh how annoying what’s interesting also is that it doesn’t have soft door clothes so however what is very cool about the doors is this look if you’re parked next to a car usually you would have to find the place that the door holds and it’s usually about there or there and then your two options you either try and get out like this or like this but with this door it has special hydraulics in the door so that at whatever point you want to hold the door it holds itself which is a really nice feature although once you get to about this point it doesn’t hold anymore this is your key that we saw earlier here is your engine start but it’s not a button look this kind of goes in but it didn’t start anything so what you have to do is you get your key and you push your key in and that starts up the car and i love that feature for two reasons it looks cool and now i know exactly where my car key is look at this 2014 an ashtray i would definitely not want to be smoking in this car it’s too expensive too expensive look at this tiny little screen here look i have to say back in 2014 this would have looked pretty nice pretty up to date but in 2020 i mean look it kind of looks a little bit old-school now which you know happens look at this here the rev meter goes backwards so usually it would go up here and it’s going backwards then you’ve got your steering wheel here it’s quite a basic steering wheel i don’t have really much more to say about it i mean steering wheels today have a lot of like gadgets and cool stuff going on this is classic that’s fine we’ll move on i’m just trying to look i’m trying to count up the dollars that i’ve spent on this car million bucks where is it where’s my million bucks and all i can really see is just the luxurious interior it is beautiful i have to say it’s beautiful and it is rare and you will never see this car on the road but when you start her up turn this on and your speakers come out so that’s quite a nice little touch eight speed eight speed auto and this is not the drive i was expecting i was expecting something more like the old vantage which i really dislike the drive it’s a very like this is how it feels when you drive the vantage this is super smooth this is a beautiful drive you guys you’ve actually got a sports button so i’m going to test that out of course there you go there we go here we go oh you feel the difference immediately oh that’s cool look it’s not the fastest off the mark it’s not bad at 4.4 seconds zero to 100. yeah yeah yeah i quite like that that’s nice massive thank you to tamini classics and we’ve actually got the head of tamini classics you’re in the backseat miguel i’m the luckiest man in the world right now being chauffeured how does it feel there in the back is it nice it’s quite amazing really smooth really smooth right i really like it it’s just glades it does it’s one of the smoothest cars i’ve driven i have to be honest with you this is beautiful it doesn’t feel like like a boat anchor it feels really light super light all right thanks guys i hope you enjoyed the vid checking out the most expensive sedan in the world what do you think put your comments down below all right you guys i love you thank you so much for watching and i’ll catch you on the next vid bye i’m out

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