World’s Most Expensive Toy Car | Rolls Royce Cullinan

World’s Most Expensive Toy Car | Rolls Royce Cullinan


This is the world’s most expensive model car! 🔥The 1:8 Scale hand built Rolls Royce Cullinan can be matched to the owner’s full sized Cullinan. It has over 1000 hand made components and takes over 450 man hours to make! Thoughts?? Thanks for watching guys, lots of love, Alex xoFollow me on:

there’s the real Cullinan and this is the exact replica starting with this Rolls Royce logo to get that detail there open er up and then you got to see this as this comes down well this is the luggage space here in the back and it’s even got the glass divider here and then you’ve got this this is the remote control just before we get to that the starting price is $17,000 but this one here is worth around 40,000 now depending on what you want to get how bespoke you want this model car the price can just go up from there I’d say if you want little diamonds in the headrest who knows right whatever you like they can do it the rolls-royce owners they can match the color of their car to the model or the model to their car let’s put it that way if you have a blue Cullinan we you can get a blue model Cullinan with a cream interior it’s the exact replica of your car we’re gonna open up the car with this unlock button here ready the lights come on behind the door handles in the interior these lights come on underneath and if we open up the door here these lights in the ceiling come on too now the front of the car with this button here the headlights are gonna go on the daylights and then if you look here there’s a tiny little rolls-royce logo and I’m gonna turn on the low beams and my things is that special look at the Spirit of Ecstasy here how detailed that is you’ve even got a front sensor it’s exactly the same as the front on this Coleman every single little detail you push this button here and then the hood pops up you can open that all the way to reveal the v12 engine six point seven five litre twin-turbo v12 rolls-royce engine if you didn’t know this was a model car you’d think you were actually looking at a real groceries engine that’s how detailed this is all right there are over in Mexico over a thousand all right check this out you know open up the back door first suicide door and just to give you an idea of the detail here there is an embossed Spirit of Ecstasy on the door panel the bespoke rolls-royce audio system oh that feels so good to touch it feels exactly like the one in a real Rolls Royce you’ve even got a little replica umbrella here in the door and then here in the back I’m just gonna try and squeeze this phone in here so you can see the air-conditioning vents and the detail on those toggles isn’t that incredible all the little writing off soft medium high it’s all hand done you’ve even got moveable seatbelts here in the back all the lights in the interior I’m just gonna turn them off and then on again so you can see isn’t that incredible look at all the lights and the – you can even see those individual numbers there on the speedometer and here in the center console on the wheel you wouldn’t even know you’re looking at a model right now you’ve got the little Cullinan lighting up there on the door panel here in the back as well just gonna pop those lights on roof lights go on and just to give you an idea of how special this car is guys this takes 450 man-hours to make that is more than half the required time to make a full-size Cullinan that is how intricate and special this car is now let me show you around the back here I’m just gonna put this up again here look at this button here that’s incredible imagine hand painting all of this pop this down and then I’m gonna turn on the hazards hazards go on all these little LED lights here’s the exhaust and walking the parking lights thanks for watching guys like the video quick thumbs up and subscribe to the supercar blondie channel we’ve got so much more cool stuff coming alright love you guys I’m out

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