World’s Most Luxurious Customized Mercedes!

World’s Most Luxurious Customized Mercedes!


This is a customized Mercedes Sprinter Van. It took two years to customize and it costs $400,000.Watch this first – Thank to

your phone the app or you can have an all right calm down surgery it’s crazy how responsive i’m just testing it’s really responsive alex told me to wait here usually when that happens that translates to she’s got this is a mercedes sprinter van you guys but like not any van this has been fully pimped into an apartment on wheels oh my god it’s like the last one but like ten times bigger yeah exactly what’s up guys supercar blondie here thanks for being part of my fam if you haven’t yet subscribed do it right now we’ve got some really cool stuff come with me all right so i showed you the because last time right that was super super cool if you haven’t yet seen that video go check it out the link is in the description below this video you have to watch that first and then you can see this because this is a massive upgrade a massive upgrade on that yeah so it’s like we’re going step by step first it was at maybach then it was a v class and now i don’t know what’s inside i’m not sure how i can beat this are you ready all through an app guys all right and look at the little step that comes out oh my god all right serge after you oh man this feels fancy this oh my god i can stand yeah i can stand in this how crazy you can fully stand off in this car guys it’s not like the v-class i’ve never been able to stand inside of a car do you know what this looks like to me this looks like an uh a private cinema yeah look these chairs kind of go off oh my god you know what i mean sorry right now man it’s so weird to walk like back and forth in a car in a car i’m like six foot four so it’s actually like really tall you’re like you’re like six foot three look at that we returned to the search of the playstation you’re gonna tell me this time where it actually is i found it this time all voice activated and i’ve made the roof right yeah i cannot believe how much bigger this is than the last one play a game a catch back and forth it’s like this is crazy guys so i’m gonna show you all of the cool features i’m gonna start right here okay look at what happens if i do this ceiling lights white always love that i will never get bored of that all right they have this cigar thing too they do yeah but it’s missing the spoons no i don’t think you need one in this one i think that is the spoon it’s like in in grained in whatever okay i have no idea because i don’t smoke cigars but you know what that’s fruit that’s forgot cigars right there okay now look at this if you just go like this with your hands nice how cool is that how did you do that so you just swipe it across the top and this becomes your control center yeah that’s nice i like that how cool is so either you can do it with your phone the app or you can have an all right calm down surgery it’s crazy how responsive i’m just testing it’s really responsive yeah okay one more time all right let’s leave it up okay okay all right so this is your control center here look you can control everything from here look even notification freaking lovely so awesome it’s like an ipad right and then um let’s go to this thing right here you ready look how many different things open just to give you a hint of what’s coming all right all of these things okay are you ready to see what it is okay this is a safe and look how cool this is on the app you actually enter the password of the safe all right and then you enter that not a very good password and then open whoa and your safe opens oh that’s a sick safe it’s got like the x bars that’s cool huh and then nice there you go and you can pop whatever you want in there and what is also super cool is look at these holes here what is that what do you reckon that’s for yeah right first playstation what oh they actually fitted they’re like measured for that yeah they’re measured for the playstation remotes because of course you’d want your playstation remotes in your safe right yeah yeah yeah that is crazy where is the police last time you’re like listen i just want to get it out of here it’s actually here it’s hidden in this drawer see how it’s nicely kind of embedded okay so it’s not just flying around you know so they there’s the playstation it’s crazy that you need a password for your playstation controls but i kind of like that yeah that’s kind of cool that’s so extra all right now where to go let’s have a look what’s in here you just push this down and you’ve got your first fridge there are three fridges in this uh sprinter van so that one’s probably not as big enough for a bottle right but that’s your first beer yeah a couple of bits and then this is your wireless charger right here for your phone very nice all right nice you’ve got all these charging ports here what is your rear nespresso machine oh my god oh wow look how far out it comes it takes up like half the bed look at this so it’s actual nespresso you guys little nespresso cups and you’ve got your plates and your coffee cups oh nice this is sick that’s cool huh just chilling in the back there you go you can pop it on your magic table all right oh this one’s nicer than this and because i’m in full control now you’re stuck you can’t get out of here and then i’m going to close your curtain just because i can all right oh these are nice as well these are like way these are like blinds these are elegant full-on blinds you know this actually feels kind of like a plane i’ve never been in a private jet yeah but this kind of feels like a private jet true it does have that feel about it it doesn’t really fit but all curtains closed captioning not and then you’ve available two screens guys you had a little flip down screen in the v-class but this one you’ve actually got two massive mountains that one is huge this one is massive do you know this this is what makes me feel like it’s like a private cinema because you’ve got these tiered seats and then you’ve got this massive screen at the front and then for these two passengers they get that screen and you can watch the same thing yeah yeah exactly so these two can be coordinated and do the same thing or you could someone can play playstation here and watch uh apple tv on that screen which is quite cool this costs 1.4 million dirhams in dollars that’s about 400 000 for this sorry i think it’s worth it though yeah i mean look i’m just trying to work out when you would use this i think for me it would be on shoots right we when we keep going around town and shooting all the time this is like a tour bus yeah yeah exactly you could wait in here you could get changed in here because you can fully stand up everything is so comfortable i’m sitting here said you because these ones these are like the vvip seats look at this they go all the way back all the way back into a bed oh so we can actually sleep in here yeah yeah oh my god this actually took two years to get out so you get the sprinter van and then it takes two years it took two years to do this that’s how special it is and what you can get instead of having these seats is you can ask for a full-on flat bed in the back and have a double bed in the back and then you can have a lounge here in the front you can basically do whatever you want with it that’s a lot of space yeah this is real estate on wheels yeah exactly the other cool thing is you see this wood paneling i know like this won’t mean much to a lot of you however some of you will notice that this is all one piece of wood the whole way oh what through the bus and that is super super exclusive that a yacht builder did this so wood that they would take for a yacht because a long piece of wood right for a yacht they fully did for this van so it’s just one big piece watch this look how quick that is is that another coffee machine yeah why do you need two why not why not that’s a good question so you can if you open up that back one and this one you have like half the vanish this coffee coffee yes so true you’ve got another fridge behind you nick you just pull this down another fridge and another wireless charger here i always like the wireless chargers this is for your briefcase and your files that’s really over the top do i have one too no okay this one watch this this all important bottle openers i thought are you guys like for your pencils but nice bottle openers because in the front of the car you’ve got another massive fridge that takes like lots of bottles i like that these light up too like there’s like a little light in here oh there you go there’s your bar nice and then i’ve got one in the back too basically whatever whatever seat you’re in you don’t have to move from it yeah that’s true they’ve got everything for the back passengers and everything for the front passengers in one go lastly in here this is all like special sound proofing and it’s all fancy leather and all that good stuff now the coolest thing is in the back let’s go let’s open the door door open all right come with me guys come around the back now for me this is something like super super cool because you open this up and you’ve got a whole wardrobe and you can hang all your shirts and stuff out up here this falls down and so you can access all of your all of your clothes so then you take that inside and because you can stand up inside you can get changed way easier than in a car right you’ve got all these drawers here as well so for your jewelry your shoes that is crazy and then whatever else you want in here so i really love the back i think that’s super cool because you don’t expect it to be there you can actually buy this it’s at alan class these guys right here here in dubai now ship it anywhere in the world so you can be cruising around in this baby that’s if i haven’t bought it before then all right guys i love you i think we’re out hope you enjoyed catch you on the next vid video you

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