World’s Most Powerful SUV Drag Race  | Trackhawk Jeep

World’s Most Powerful SUV Drag Race | Trackhawk Jeep


This is the 1100HP tuned 6.2L V8 Supercharged Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, the most powerful SUV in the World! This car is around 2.5sec 0-100km/h (62mph)! I’m on the Milan Drag way in Detroit. Let’s see how it does against the tuned 700HP Nissan GTRThanks to , @trackhawk007, Alec and Detroit Hood TV!Follow me on:

okay Supercop Lundy I’m here in Detroit at the Milon dragged away and I’m in the world’s fastest SUV thank you to track hawk 7:07 check him out on Instagram I’m gonna race Alec in his Nissan GTR and that’s also tuned so this is not just a stock track this is the missing GTR she’s gonna race alik so you’re ready for this just give us a quick idea you did some drag racing before correct okay I found a couple thousand passes on it Wow okay it’s got a pro here really Randy Randy Detroit huh TV I’m gonna do what we call a flag that’s how we start our racing here in Detroit Oh so check them out in Detroit good TV YouTube Facebook harder right the car I’m about to take down this drag strip has 1,100 horsepower to put that into perspective that is more horsepower than a la ferrari a three million dollar car I’m actually a little bit nervous because whenever I have over a thousand horsepower or I’m in control over a thousand horsepower I like to get used to the car a little bit before I drag it that makes sense because there are concrete barriers on either side of me and not a great situation to be in when you’ve got so much horsepower at your feet I’ve literally given me the tip to floor it and don’t worry I want to hear your in some quick I’m so different man all right good all right this is crazy I’m asleep Wow okay Wow it is linked it’s behind me that is mad wow this car is amazing holy mackerel that’s what I’m gonna say do you know it’s scary because you’ve got so much power and this car is higher then you know what you would usually have that kind of power in like a laferrari right there very low to the ground so you stick to the road so when the car is a little bit higher you don’t feel as secure it doesn’t stick as much the whole front of the car lifts it’s like you’re flying mais I wasn’t expecting that no no how crazy is that so so you you were you were fully down there what what horsepower do you okay yes but I mean it well what’s your max 700 well why don’t you turn it up yeah see this is the danger of having a little bit too much do you feel comfortable doing that yeah okay well we can give it a go yeah okay all right in Detroit Michigan middle of winter got here just after their polar vortex last week it was minus 40 Celsius and now it’s minus 10 so it’s still pretty cold the cars aren’t going as fast as they’re as they normally would because the tires aren’t as warm as they are in summer months so they don’t they don’t get off the start line as fast as they normally would do in these kind of cold temperatures imagine if this car was any faster just a couple of weeks ago you just floored the 918 spyder Yesha spider yeah how is that compared to this it sounds a completely different feel because it pulls off at the front it’s like the whole front of the car just kind of lifts up and looks like launching off and the 918 just sticks really steadily to the ground the 918 feels larger this one feels a bit heavier but of course when you’ve got this much horsepower it can it can handle that kind of weight they hide our YouTube channel I want to get one are you gonna get it on it was 98 no I didn’t put that one probably a tax of 2017 offering over pulley suspension mods couple suspension mods headers no exhaust or anything and that’s basically it and that gave you an extra stop so it’s all I thought petyr’s admits are hard swap out what so you’re you’re the owner yeah your name is Sam yeah I know and Sam is very kindly let me get behind the real it was a great about track hole he’s gonna launch them yeah I think yeah we’ll still get them most of it don’t worry well do you baby good all right Alec show us the button what are you doing now so now we have everything turned off so we have launch control active so now if we look at the tag this is launched until now okay got it actually all my to fight so if you look at attack this is Mon 102 mode 3 and we’ve been running in mode 1 got it um we’re gonna turn the power down for launch see if you can raise it up okay and that blow tires off this time all right all right now even getting your TV to come with us Oh stay safe though uh no funny business this is a rematch yeah pretty much now we got three people in the car let’s see if we can still beat him okay oh my god how fast is that god I love these car Wow what speed did that get up to I think I saw her around 110 or something 115 just so you know I don’t ride in a car with anybody this is the first time and like ten years that I’ve been in the backseat of any kind of car yeah yeah boy pairs off and up they called a Gurkha you can’t go any faster than that anyway we need an S you crazy okay I’m ready that’s it that’s the track walk here in Detroit that was just incredible I can’t believe how giddy I am I think I need to get one of these what do you think should I get one comment below love you guys I’ll see you next time in Detroit make sure to LIKE the video give me a quick thumbs up right now hit that 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