World’s Only Ferrari MIG-U1!

World’s Only Ferrari MIG-U1!


This is the only MIG-U1 in the world. It was originally a Ferrari Enzo but was then given to Gemballa for tuning. The entire body has been replaced as well as major parts in the interior. The engine has also been tuned resulting in more hp! Special thanks to the owner, @sevencarlounge & Marc Gemballa for arranging this shoot.Follow his new company on Instagram @gemballinofficial & @Marcphilippgemballa#gemballa #MIG-U1 #ferrariFollow me on:Disclaimer / Delimitation:This film shoot was organized by Marc Philipp Gemballa GmbH (before MP Gemballa GmbH). Marc Philipp Gemballa GmbH is not associated in any form with Gemballa GmbH, and any of its subsidiaries, and/or its trademarks “Uwe Gemballaā€¯. All vehicles displayed in the above image were personally manufactured by Uwe Gemballa and are now privately owned by individuals. These individuals provided Marc Philipp Gemballa GmbH with the vehicles for the film shoot.

rumor has it that this owner rejected an offer of ten million dollars for this car I believe of what you in this truck right here off loader and then I’ll tell you a little bit more this is the only one in the world welcome to the supercar blondie channel all right let’s get her off you’ve got the honors you don’t realize how loud it is until it turns off that’s mad you guys got a call and this is where we ended up honestly sometimes blows my mind what you’re looking at guys is the only tuned Ferrari Enzo by Gambale in the world the founder of Gambale who began well a passed away ten years ago now his son has come into the picture mark and has founded a whole new company it’s called mpg Ambala and they are now launching a whole new game Pollock acid this company still exists as you can see it looks pretty different to the original why because they’ve replaced the whole body the whole body is different to an original ferrari enzo you can see here they’ve also got these louvers running up the side new wheels here this car was designed for the Middle East so to tackle the heat they put this roof scoop on there’s a little reverse camera here that is not in the original ferrari enzo because you can’t see out the back as well this whole wing has been replaced the back it’s got 50 horsepower more than a Ferrari Enzo take a look these letters here the owners initials the initial of the founder of the company and number one the first one ever made okay we’ve got to keep all this plastic on cuz it needs to be kept in mint condition it’s so special look all of this has been added this infotainment screen here that will show you the picture from the reverse camera it’s got a whole new sound system and all of this has been replaced as well these seats are completely new it’s not just like they’ve put new fabric on top of the old seats everything about this car has been changed you’ve actually bought a Ferrari Enzo but you’re looking at AG Ambala emblem on your steering wheel rumor has it that this owner rejected an offer of 10 million dollars for this car the standard ferrari enzo has an average value of over three million dollars these cars are all about what someone is willing to pay so whatever the owner wants to accept for this baby is basically what this car is worth now we’re gonna step over that mound of sand over there if I can manage and step into another game Bala and it’s called the Mirage GT it’s actually a souped-up Carrera GT white shoes will be brown within minutes okay all right yeah here we go guys all right so that car is not the only car that ganbara has tuned these ones behind us are also tuned by oh my god this carbon-fiber year – is that why gold carbon fiber is that my goal this is crazy so we’ve got three of them yeah three when this car came out on the market at the time it was the most expensive portrait ever around 450,000 dollars but then he wanted to get one from Gambale and all the bits and bobs that they do to it it would cost you a few hundred thousand dollars more right so this one for example was sold to the buyer back then at 750 thousand euros so that’s a good few hundred thousand dollars more to get kitted out by Gambale the holy the whole front of the car has been changed you’ve got these headlight details here and also the whole hood here has been completely revamped redesigned you’ve got this game baller sign here on the front instead of the Porsche you’ve got new wheels you’ve got this carbon-fiber door here this is on this specific one because they’re all different and then take a look at this roof scoop straight into the engine now what’s cool is it is still convertible even with this roof scoop added you can still take the roof off you can see here the kind of the split that goes down then you’ve got a whole new wing you’ve got the exhaust system this as standard comes with around 612 horsepower now it’s got 670 horsepower it also goes quicker zero to 60 standard is 3.9 seconds this one I’m kidding I have actually been offered to drive this car and I’ve never driven a Carrera GT before so that is pretty cool but for the first time ever I’m having to decline the offer because I just don’t have time I’ve got to get to my text shoot which is crazy right but we’re gonna turn her on so we can at least hear her right okay board so I can reach the pedals right these cars were only made in manual so you’ve got a 6-speed manual gearbox and look how close this gear stick is to the wheel and that was designed this way specifically for racing we’ve got everything very tight together this is the key so you’ve even got matching colours on your key to the outside of your car which is cool alright ok I think that’s it our fun is over okay I hope you guys liked the video give us quick thumbs up subscribe to the supercar blondie family if you haven’t yet I would love to have you with us massive thank you to mark for inviting us down here today to take a look at these incredible cars and to the owner of this car alright guys love y’all we’re out

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