World’s Only Street Converted Maserati MC12 Corsa!

World’s Only Street Converted Maserati MC12 Corsa!


The Maserati MC12 Corsa is a track car, and only 12 were ever made. However, this particular MC12 Corsa has been converted by EDO Competition to be street legal – the only one in the world.Special thanks to Continental Tires (@continentaltiresglobal) for making this drive happen!Follow me on:

guys this is the only road legal mc12 in the world only twelve are made okay the crazy thing is I’m gonna be able to drive this mc12 Corsa Street version for the very first time and it’s worth three and a half million euros this one’s really interesting actually it’s got so many different things like the startup sequence is crazy so they actually had to install this extra key here because legally you need an a key to be able to take out of the car as a street legal car I’m gonna just move this forward a little bit my seat you can reach the break alright so we’re going to turn this one on what you have to do is turn on the all the electronics so car with this one and then you’ve got to turn the ignition on and then just wait for a bit these all lights up then we’re in neutral okay now we’re gonna start the cup coolest thing is you can hit me what it is we’re in number one at the moment which is like the road number two is four and race and what happens is the exhaust and it’s me battleships sorry it’s not jerky at all because they had make it street-legal so traffic it’s not an issue we can handle it really well where is the race version you’re either like full pelt or zero that’s bad you guys done everything has been changed in this car like suspension we flip it’s our economy so you just put the fan on I’m not just blows Airy I’m going to press number to put it in sports version and then completely open it up and put it in number three and hopefully we’ll get some flames so edo competition actually made whole new wheels and then continental made custom tires to feed on that 19 inch in the front and 20 inch in the back you might be wondering why wouldn’t you just buy a street-legal mc12 the mc12 $2 right this actually has the Corsa version way more horsepower it has 750 horsepower so they’ve taken that engine the more powerful one and just converted literally everything else in the car these things here right part of the lift function so you can lift the car in the front and the back so you can go over speed bumps heat protection this gets so hot here they don’t want to burn the bonnet its carbon fiber you’ve got locks here on the door now which you don’t need on a racing version they’ve installed extra fans here just so that it can be stuck in traffic you guys it’s so easy it’s so easy to drive that just goes to show how much they’ve done on this car I’m amazed it’s so cool

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