WORLD’S SMALLEST CAR vs Jet Festival Sydney

WORLD’S SMALLEST CAR vs Jet Festival Sydney


Jeremy surpasses himself and creates an even smaller car than the P45. And it’s jet propelled.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

I design conceived engineered and built what was the smallest ever road-legal car it’s called the p45 and if you haven’t seen it we’ve got that we’ve got a clip of it here which we can show to you yes look at this look yes very brilliant oh my god we want you this in the Edit make sure that there’s no on television little people in it is a deathtrap and again on the other hand well extremely scary as it turns out thank you so much however I have decided that here at the Top Gear festival in Sydney I would build a car that was even smaller than the p45 and we have it here under this drape ready to be unveiled yeah we’re ready you ready for this ready steady check it out Oh what is it well look mate well we got here at the front cowboy boots jeans leather jacket simply lift it up and get in and there you go so it’s a wheel to you yes is it what is it pedal pad course it’s not pedal powered I’ve got all these controls here on the steering wheel okay and if I jiggle them about yeah yeah you’ll hear some noise coming out of the back that should be level up there after their exhaust no their jet oh so it’s a jet propelled you yes its jet propelled me so so you think this is small it’s very small what you don’t think there’s anything smaller could possibly make it smaller really yeah all right let’s find out ladies and gentlemen a German sitting on a jet round applause for Dirk our level look at look a bit holy-moly very small that is small now he’s just sitting on it jet with his of his Avis how fast does that thing go how fast do you go it goes a hundred how fast can you go 700 kph by the time I get to Perth really yeah are we able to round you’re gonna have a right I’m on fourth class you ready 3 2 1 go ha ha why if you haven’t seen it it’s a jet-propelled Oh be busted I’m really starting to pick up speed now I am going to win this I’m gonna win it easily how is he doing that with a jet up he’s a this a joke look up soulmate you gonna break I’m really struggling here is that hey my god he comes up to be killed hi I think that’s the I think Jeremy Clarkson just died the crowd was devastated on hearing of this tragedy you

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